Friday, 13 February 2015

Weekly Roundup Feb 9th

Don't read if you are squeamish about blood.

Monday-Strength and Run
Strength-1 hour Body Pump 7am
The first class of Body Pump 92. Not sure what the deal with the numbers attached to name are about. Do they just number each new workout? Seems like a lot of hype for a new routine. Either way it was good with a lot of smaller movements.
Running - 3 miles easy
It finally stopped raining long enough for me to get outside to go for an easy run. I was so eager to get out I forgot my watch. It was really foggy, the worst I've seen it at the river. I could just see the blur of the park lights in the distance and every so often another runner would emerge out of the fog. I brought Boomer and by the time we were done he was soaked right up to his back, one disadvantage to a smaller dog, but at least he was very tired.

Tuesday nothing
I've learned that left to my own devices I become a lazy slob. Wash dishes or clothes-no thanks, shop- no thanks. I have literally done nothing but work, run and sleep for almost a week. Today it got too bad, so instead of running I got my life together. I cleaned the house and went food shopping since it'd reached the point where I had nothing to make breakfast, lunch or dinner. I think Martina should come home soon never mind her real family, who she is visiting, she is obviously needed here!
I'm trying to be less rigid about sticking to a running schedule, as I was really getting a bit sick of running towards the end of marathon training, and even though I'm running a lot less miles now I'm adding in classes a few times a week, aka a lot of time sweating in work out clothes. So if my schelude seems a bit all over the place you know why.

Wednesday-Strength and Run
Strength 1 hour Body Pump 12pm
Another round of Body Pump 92. My shoulders felt a lot better this work out as I've been forcing myself to sleep on my back.
Running 5 miles 9.16 min/mile
Didn't look at my watch at all, I just ran a comfortable pace. I'm always so hesitant to go out for a run in the cold and dark but once I get going there is something very tranquil about running at night.

Thursday - Running 4 miles 8.43 min/mile
6X 400m intervals at roughly 5k pace. Cold and windy but I got out there and got it done. The first 3 intervals were done into the wind. Turned around and with less effort the pace became faster than 5k pace.
Interval 1.) 7.35 2.)7.23 3.) 7.32 4.) 7.14 5.) 6.59 6.) 6.48
There was a bit of a crazy dog with runners high when we got home.

Friday rest

Saturday enforced rest
I went out for dinner and some drinks with a friend on Friday night. I had enough to drink to probably to give me a small hangover, but 100% not what happened to me. Something I drank did not agree with me at all. I've had this reaction once before, the day after drinking a single Jack Daniels, nothing else. Given I was drinking whiskey and bourbon, there is something in some whiskey brands my body just does not want in there. I got up feeling fine. Tidied the house a bit and then wham I was in the bathroom for hours. 
I vomited so much my stomach and chest muscles hurt and I was shaking like a leaf. Everytime I tried to drink water it came back up. Eventually after what felt like forever my body decided I had enough and I started to fall asleep on the bathroom floor. I took myself to bed and slept for a few hours. Sometime around 3pm I was able to keep down cereal and a cup of tea and go back to sleep again.
 Isnt that weird!! I'd love to know what ingredient got me so it can never happen again. I think for now my only whiskey will have to be Jameson since I know that's safe.
So no running for me, I could barely drive to the store that evening to get some drinks with electrolytes never mind try run. The next day I'd lost a pound, not at all the way I want it to happen!

Saturday Run 10 miles 9.43 min/mile
Another great day (insert sarcasm here)! I ate a small breakfast and then did a whopper grocery shop to really restock the house. After being sick yesterday I got lots of nice food to stuff my face. I was making soup and a bagel for lunch and cut the tip of my pinkie finger pretty deep when I was supposed to be cutting the bagel. Only for the angle (my nail stopped the knife) I'd have completely cut it off. Fat out of luck this weekend, eh? It was sore for a while but I put a paper butterfly stitch on it and wrapped it up well, so now I just need to keep it dry and clean.
I'm still feeling a bit off after yesterday but I've tried to eat and drink plenty to replenish my system. It was such a beautiful  day, I didn't want to miss it. Cold but sunny and calm...perfect running weather. Other than some swollen fingers and a mild calf cramp in the last mile it felt great. I'm guessing my electrolytes are still a bit out of whack after yesterday.
If only mirrors made me look so skinny and tall!

I finally broke out my HR monitor and it works with my watch. I did 10 easy miles. My heart rate stayed right around 147 bpm. Maybe on the higher end of where it should be for a long run but not bad considering I had slight allergies again. I'll test it out for my longer runs and see what it's like for a few weeks and make sure there are no sessions where I feel like my HR too high.
Overall not the best running week but I'm glad I got my longish run in. Fingers crossed for a better week next week.


  1. Ouch! Your finger! And ouch! Your stomach! What a weekend. I hope the next one is calmer ;)

    Ha ha, nice with those 400s in to the wind, right? Ha ha ha! That is how I did mine last week! :)

    I think it's good to be less rigid with your plan! We aren't professional athletes! :)

    1. I know..I feel like I've lost my whole weekend, I want a refund! I'm trying with the flexibility, I figure if I want to run long term it's better or I might just end up so fed up I quit. And yes I'm def not professional I dont think I'll get a huge amount faster so I have to look at it as a lifestyle thing rather than be too competitive with myself.