Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Weekly Roundup Feb 16th

We are due to get a blast of winter weather this week. Its already feeling pretty chilly to this southeast dweller. Freezing rain and some very cold nights ahead. It doesn't help that my office is freezing cold due to a malfunction with the air system. I'm a permanent ice block right now. Fall disappeared in the blink of an eye, so I'm really looking forward to a nice long spring before the crazy summer kicks in.

Strength 1 hour Body Pump 7am
ANOTHER round of Body Pump 92, I'm getting a bit sick of the same songs and moves. I wonder how I didn't notice the repetitiveness before. Maybe they just do the new routine for a couple of weeks then mix back in old ones. Either way I still struggle on the same tracks; triceps, lunges and chest. I'm slowly noticing a bit of the definition, that I lost post-Kiawah, creeping back in. I'll never have a six pack but the cookie pouch is getting smaller. 

Confession time: I gained 8lbs during the period between early-December and late January as I ran less but ate the same, due to tapering and then minimal running to recover for the second race in January. I've lost two pounds of that but I'm not sure if the rest will shift as I think a lot of it is lean muscle. For a little while I felt awful..bloated and none of my clothes felt right. Now after moving the two pounds, my clothes all fit the same, even the small stuff, and I feel the same as before. We'll see over time. I'm not going to worry about it too much as I'm already trying to cut back on sugary foods and up the protein, if the rest is not lean muscle then it'll slowly go away.
3 miles 9.09 min/mile, Avg HR 150
It was cold and rain was forecast post-6pm. I got home asap and changed before bringing a very excited dog (who hadn't left the house all weekend) to the park. I had thought about tacking another mile onto the run but why not just go out, get it done and enjoy the run instead of always feeling like I'm not doing enough. It actually ended up being pretty speedy and fun for a post Body Pump run.

Tuesday  5 miles 10 min/mile Avg HR 143 -171ish on hill sprints
The combo of Body Pump and a decent run yesterday left my legs absolutely wrecked tired today in case you can't tell by my slowish pace (even with hill sprints included). I came home and got out before dark again (temperatures are leaving little choice right now). I took Boomer out for my warmup and dropped him home after two miles <----it took a long time to warm up. Then I ran another 3 miles including 6 of my short hill repeats. I managed the pace pretty well for the repeats given how tired I was but could only manage 6 all out. My reward was a big fat pancake with greek yogurt and strawberries for dinner in honor of Shrove Tuesday.

Strength 1 hr Body Pump 1pm
Another round of 92 but hallelujah it's the last one before they start mixing the old tracks back in. I was starving all afternoon afterwards, hopefully a sign that it's revving up my metabolism.
Running 3 miles ~9.30 min/mile
It was cold and super windy so I gave myself a little break from that and went to the gym and hopped on a treadmill. I was so sweaty I forget how much my face sweats when there is no breeze to dry it off straight away. The treadmill is as utterly boring as I remember, I watched every 0.01 tick off for 3 miles. Went home showered and waited for Martina's flight to get into Columbia.

Thursday rest
It was well below freezing all day and I knew it would be so I planned today for rest.

Friday rest
I can't get my life together recently. Another night of really cold temperatures proved too much for our pipes. The hot water came back on around 30 minutes before I came home. Martina was there all day and was ready to shut off the taps once the water started flowing. Unfortunately, I then came home to see water gushing out of the side of our house where the water heater is located. Instead of running I ran around frantically trying to figure out how to shut of the water. A nice neighbor had a water key and shut it off at the meter before the house owner came over to assess the damage. Lucky we are going away for my first out of state race, it'll give him lots of time to fix it.

Saturday...mostly driving
Sunday 13.1 miles 1.59 
Mercedes-Benz Half Marathon in Birmingham, Alabama. My first out of state half (and new state) this year. A really fun race. This was a 3/1 training run. Something I see on my schedule but ignore. 3/4 easy, 1/4 race pace.

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