Friday, 6 February 2015

Weekly Round up - Week Feb 2nd

Monday- Strength and Running
Strength- 1 hour Body Pump 7am
Monday classes definitely feel easier. I really didn't want to get up to go to the class but what better way to start the week than beating procrastination.
Running - 3.5 miles easy
I donno what it is about Monday's and wind but it was a cold and windy start to the week again. The first 1.8 miles were directly into the wind. After the turn around it was a nice little push to run faster. Slowly getting used to these double workout days, my legs felt pretty good!
I think my hobbit like breakfasts are helping...I had some cereal and coffee before Body Pump and eggs after, for some protein, and of course more coffee (it's Monday).

Tuesday- Massage & Ermmm Nothing
Bad planning with car sharing meant I didn't run. I had a massage at 5.30pm and Martina a haircut at 7pm, right around when I finished. I went from the massage to Whole Foods and ate dinner while waiting to be picked up at around 8pm. Another frickin train on the way home meant it was 8.30 by the time I got back to the house. Now I could have gone out and run intervals on the streets rather than in the park (which closes at 9) but I really didn't feel like it!! I have a race this week, so its meant to be an easy week anyhow.
The massage was great. I was squirming for some really sore spots like my right knee and shoulders but I know it pays off. The tightness on the back of my knee is where my gastrocnemius (one of the bigger muscles in the calf) attaches to the knee so I guess I need to work on stretching out that muscle more. I slept like a baby I was so relaxed afterwards.

Wednesday- Strength and Running
Strength- 1 hour Body Pump
A good class. I upped the weights for some of the sets I find easier like back and squats.
Run 4 miles
I ran Martina's intervals with her. They felt hard enough...maybe I shouldn't have bumped the weights up quite yet.

Thursday rest
A crazy crazy day. Around 1.20pm I got a university alert that shots had been fired on campus. That was later followed by another one saying there was an active shooter and to stay inside. Some people were not very know cause it was all of 2 blocks away (insert sarcasm). I was a bit freaked out. Later my building went on lockdown so no one without access could get in.
In the end it was an isolated incidence, a couple of hours later we found out it was a murder-suicide. Two people died. How do you make sense out of that?  I wish the shooter had talked to someone, anyone before getting to such a bad place that their last act on earth was to kill someone else and themself. Two families got horrific news today, my thoughts are with them.

Another rest I'm not just being lazy. I have a race tomorrow that is the only flat one I'll get to do for a few months so I want to go into it with non-sore legs and see what I can do. I'm gonna sign off here for my training log for this week since I'll recap the race on Saturday and at most run 3 easy miles on Sunday.


  1. Omg! That is so horrible that happened at your university :( Are people still really shook up about it? :(

    1. I think things have settled down a lot but then again I'm not in the department where it happened, I think it'll take a lot longer for them.