Monday, 2 February 2015

Weekly roundup- week 26th Jan 2015

Monday -Strength & Running
Strength-1 hour Body Pump 7am
Much better this time. I didn't feel so clueless and other than the triceps section I did pretty well. I'm still finding my limits with the weights, some sets I start off thinking they are way too light and then I'm dying by the end.
Running- 3 miles 10.13 min/mile
Fatigued a slow one. I picked it up a tiny bit for the last mile once I'd warmed up ~9.30 min/mile. It was cold and windy but once you utter the words "Boomer, wanna go for a run?" There is no backing out!

Tuesday 8 x hill repeats (4miles)

A bit of a stressful day. You know when you start it in the DMV (license renewal) it's never gonna be good. 
I ended up breaking up my run because as I was finishing my warm up, 1.3 miles, I realized I needed to leave for a hairdressers appointment. After the fastest sprint back to my house and changing, I ended up being stuck behind a train for forever and I had to reschedule my appointment anyhow. 

Luckily I had thrown my running gear in the car beside me and parked in a quiet parking lot beside the hill I'd earmarked to run and sneakily changed in my car. I didn't get arrested for (semi) public nudity and  went and started my hill repeats. The part of the hill that didn't involve crossing streets was a bit shorter than I'd like (0.1 miles) but I have another longer one earmarked for when the evenings get brighter. I did 8 repeats, pushing the whole way up (7.50-8.30 min/mile) and jogging back down.
 I faded a tiny bit towards the end of the last few repeats so maybe a shorter hill is good until I get stronger. Finished the second run at 2.7 miles for a total for 4. 

Wednesday- Strength and Run
1 hour Strength -Body Pump 1pm
Ow my arms :)
3 mile run 10 min/mile
Pretty dead legs but better than last week!!

Switched my rest day around. Still pretty sore from body pump etc. and didn't think I could give the upcoming tempo run my all.

Friday - 5 mile/45 minute tempo run 8.42 min/mile
One of my best runs in months by far! I ran with Martina for 15 minutes of her race pace run, then Boomer and I took off and picked up the pace. A mile later we turned around and Boomer decided to go all out and boy can he run. 25 minutes of gradually increasing the pace until we hit 7.15 min/mile for a solid 2 minutes. Boomer was still wanting to push....I'm not fast enough. Then around 10 minute cool down. I finished just over 43 minutes for an even 5 miles.
The reason I'm so happy was because right down to 7.30 min/mile it felt easy. A good running day!!!
Tiniest pony tail ever?

Saturday - 5 miles 8.58 min/mile
Another day another run. A good run. I ran a mile with Martina as a warm up and then I headed off on my own. I don't know whats going on but I felt really good again. I had intended doing a pretty easy run but I just went with how I felt and ended up running a mile warmup, 3 miles around race pace and a mile cool down.

Sunday 11 miles 9.27 min/mile
Uneventful except for a shoe full of blood....stupid toenails! It even stained my shoes !!! Rounding of the week for a total of 31 miles. Very happy with this week.


  1. Awesome week! Sounds like you are recovering well from the marathon! :) Look at those speedy miles!

    I would have been so annoyed by that train! Happy you had your stuff and could get the hill repeats in - good planning!

    1. Yeah doing good, the occasional niggle but nothing bad :) Semi-speedy miles...its nice to get back to running faster. I spend more time focusing on maintaining/increasing pace so I don't get so caught up with whining lol.