Monday, 26 January 2015

Week 1 of workouts post Disney

This week has been a baptism of fire for me with my new regime. Gone are 50 mile weeks, hello strength and speed work. I've swapped quantity for intensity and boy can I tell. I guess the way things have worked out I've unconsciously periodized my running. Marathon training was all about endurance and now I'm all about speed.

Monday-Strength and 3 mile run
Since there were no gym classes due to MLK day I did some easy body weight strength work on my own.
Reps done each side.
Running 10.30 min/mile-First run post marathon
3 really easy miles to test out how everything feels. The knee is still a bit stiff but not sore. Spent 15-20 minutes post run stretching and torturing myself with the foam roller and ball. A lot of gritty knots in my calf...probably why my knee is tight. Looking forward to my next massage to really get rid of them.

Tuesday 4 miles 8.57
Started off with a mile warmup to ease some sore Glutes into action :) Four miles with x4 quarter mile intervals. Stayed at 4 intervals to slowly build up the volume of speed work but pushed hard with the pace. 1. 6.50 2. 7.08 3. 7.07 4. 7.03 min/mile. It helped that on the slow laps I was able to watch one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. 

Wednesday Strength and Run
Strength-1 hour Body Pump
Track 01. Warmup
Track 02. Squats
Track 03. Chest
Track 04. Back/Arms
Track 05. Triceps <--Weak on this....hurt afterwards
Track 06. Biceps
Track 07. Lunges <----hell
Track 08. Shoulders
Track 09. Abdominals
Track 10. Cooldown

I ate >100g of protein (with no shakes etc) probably for the first time in years. Continued close to this all week by watching what I ate. All them muscles I'm growing have to come from somewhere.

Running 3 miles 10.08 min/mile
I was going to run 4 miles but left it at 3. I've been switching between two pairs of shoes,one newish and one older. I couldn't find the new ones...straight away the old ones felt, well old. I think they are finished. Nothing hurt but between that and the dead legs from my lunch time class I played it safe. It was fun tho; lots of runners in the park and a water stop half way!

45 minutes Pilates
Pretty standard Pilates moves on a mat. Would have been easy if I hadn't felt like I was being put through a meat grinder everytime I tried to use my glutes or hamstrings lol. My abs worked just fine.

40 mins/4.2 mile tempo run
Straight after class. I ran around the university and the downtown area. My watch was acting awful with the pace around the buildings. I can walk faster than it said I was running most of the time. Disastrous for my tempo run. I ended up running by perceived effort, probably better since there were some hills. Peaked with a minute around 7.30min/mile. Judging by my cadence afterwards it looks like I did ok. 10 minutes slow, then my cadence built to a peak over 20 minutes, then another 10 minutes slow. 

Friday -rest
Finally a bit of recovery, that and Friday night pizza and beer. My only slip up this week with food!!

Saturday -5 mile run 9.03 min/mile
Now that marathon training is over and my longer runs are a bit shorter I intend to pick up a pace a little for them...still comfortable but I don't feel like I need to hold back just in case! Picked it up for the last half a mile and ran around 8min/mile since I was feeling good.

Sunday 10 miles 9.31min/mile
Roughly following a training plan that called for a ninety minute run. Converted it to a 10 mile since I hate ending on partial miles. Went well until the last few miles. I had stupid allergies the whole run...snotfest, which meant I didn't breath great= sick stomach. Stopped before the last mile for water and when I restarted I almost vomited...needless to say the last mile was jogged...barely.

On a positive note I've ran a little over 30 miles this week and reintroduced speed and strength work without anything hurting (injurywise....lots of normal post workout aches). A pretty solid week!!


  1. That IS a solid week! Woot woot! That sucks about the end of your LR :( I hope that doesn't happen again, but it sounds like it's recurring if it's allergies.

    I have been taking in a bit more protein (with shakes) and doing more strength and I can really see my muscles becoming more defined. It's fun, isn't it!

    I hope you ditch those old shoes soon and get another pair to rotate in! :)

    1. I think its was just a bit worst than normal, it only really happens in the cold weather.
      I'm still trying out shakes, I have two sachets waiting to be tried! Yes it is fun, nice to see results. I'm hoping I see a difference in a few weeks...I have a little taper weight to lose first :O Yes I plan to buy a couple of pairs soon as they are pretty much half price because a 'new' model was brought out.

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