Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Lead up to Disney

Holy moly does this require military organization skills or what?! Clothes, tonight. Food tomorrow. The car has been serviced and the dog booked in to board. 
I have so many pieces of paper with list of discounts (I'll get with my medal), park passes and park maps...assuming I can walk after my second marathon in a month. 

The plan that I'm hoping we can stick to is: 
Friday leave Boomer into the daycare/boarding :(, drive 7 hours and make it to the expo before it closes.
Saturday Martina runs the half, Sherpa for her at the end.
Sunday run, walk or crawl the full <----- basically avoid the sag and drink everything in sight, sleep.
Monday Universal Studios-I'm a major Harry Potter nerd so the aim is to see as much of 'Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade' as possible. Again eat all of the food.
Tuesday drive home

I feel a bit bad taking time off, so soon after two weeks off for Christmas, but other than one or two random days off, the sum total of my vacation time in 2014 was Christmas (not officially counted as vacation days in full time positions) and 5 days when my parent were here. All guilt will be erased tomorrow evening and the fun shall start.

I'm running with a friend who like me is not really sure she'll be able to run much more than half the race but it's nice not to have any pressure for a good time. Hopefully I'll have some nice pictures to show you all next week.

I don't know what part of getting up at 3am to run 26.2 miles is fun but I'm really excited!!!


  1. That will be such a fun adventure. Just enjoy it - it's such a unique experience. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Universal Studios and Harry Potter! Good luck to you both... I'm sure the 3am wake-up call will be worth it.

    1. I will take in as many details as I can!!