Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Bra showdown - Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra versus La Isla Racer Back Level 4

I've had a bit of a undesirable bra situation for a while. I've ended up using two bras that don't really fit. A combo of my size changing, ordering the wrong size and washing? Probably a bit of everything I would say. I've used Shock Absorber Bras for years but lately my usual 32 band size really doesn't fit anymore, these bras size extremely small anyhow but this was a joke. I've been practically wrestling myself into the thing...and heaven help me if I've washed it, I can barely breath for the first mile or two I run!
For a long time I've used my money for shoes but when I looked on amazon they had my bra on sale for $42 (versus the usual $68). So I sucked it up and measured myself according to Shock Absorbers criteria. They reckon I'm a 36 but I knew there was no way that was true. I like a snug fit just not as snug as a 32. So I went with a 34.

In the meanwhile that handy 'what others bought' section pointed out a La Isla Bra. I'd never heard of the brand before but it looks like they make a knock off version of all the popular sports bras. That was also on sale $22 (versus $45) and looked exactly like the Ultimate Run Bra and was made of the same materials. So I ordered that too, $22 isn't too much to lose when you consider the savings for a few of them.

Well the two different brands arrived and looked much the same. Fit the same. I brought the La Isla bra out for a run and it was perfect. Time to order a couple more while they are still on sale. It seems like a trivial thing but I'm excited to be able to get different colored bras. Until now all of mine have been the same boring black ( white = the only other color available in my size).
We'll see how it wears over time!! For now the showdown ends pretty close to a draw but the price tips the scales in favor of La Isla!

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  1. In case anyone was wondering The La Isla bras do get a little looser with washing (but not too badly) otherwise they've held up pretty well over the months