Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Running Resolutions

As a runner this year gone past has been exciting. It's made me realize I'm capable of a lot more than I thought possible. 
I went from being exhausted from running back to back half marathon weekends at the start of the year, to running half marathons 5 weekends in a row. I haven't tracked my annual mileage, but I know its over 1000 miles, overall this is the most I've ever run in a year.
I made a decent PR time at my first half marathon and in the middle of that long streak of halfs I made another one with almost no speed work. This has made me realize that being a bit smarter about my workouts will lead to big improvements, I hope!!

2015 is going to be all about being more consistent, faster and stronger.

So here it goes 6 resolutions for 2015

1. Strength work- my downfall
Do strength work and make it a more regular routine. I'm debating getting evaluated and working with someone to find and eliminate my weak spots. A more structured environment for something I dislike doing will keep me motivated. I'll probably start out on my own for Jan+Feb (or group classes) and then work with a trainer for a few months.

2. Stretching
I've gotten pretty good with this but I'd like to spend a bit more time stretching post run. Obviously I'm going to continue with my weekly yoga classes. My goal is to regain some lost flexibility.

3. Mileage/consistency 
Before marathon training my base milage varied a lot, anywhere between 16 miles to 30 miles per week. Of course this depended on my on and off again injuries. 
I built that up a lot over the course of marathon training. I've adapted and gotten stronger. I'm hoping complementing running with strength work will reduce injuries and I can hang onto a higher weekly mileage (30-35 miles/week), when I recover from Disney.
That'll also mean that if I do decide to run another marathon, other than the extra time drain, it shouldn't be too taxing to train that bit more. It should also boost my endurance and speed at the half marathon distance.

4. Speed
My major aim for this year is to PR, possibly multiple times, at the half marathon distance or shorter. 
However, I hate to push myself into discomfort with speed...the reason why my 5k, 10k and half marathon paces are not so different. Funny considering I used to be a sprinter when I did athletics as a kid. It is time to push through that barrier and really try hard to get faster.

 5. Run in more states
So far
Running is really only an excuse to see more of this beautiful country! I'm not an official 50 stater but I would like to do a half marathon or marathon in all 50 states and DC. This is a long term goal. For now I'm content with conquering the southeast.

After 2015 based on race registration

When I leave the South I'm unlikely to visit and pay for flights just to race. So a few states that are nearby I'll make the effort to do a long drive to, like Alabama. Others like Louisiana, I'll probably hold off on, because realistically I'm going to want to visit places like New Orleans at some stage.

6. Racing
I'd like to continue to race a lot, spring 2015 already looks hectic. However, I want to continue to be smart about running so many halfs and realize I need to pick and choose what races I'm actually going to race.
In line with running in more states and racing a lot I also want to be selective. Running this many races ain't cheap. I don't want to run a race just to tick off a state...unless it's incredibly convenient i.e. I'm already there for something else and registration is cheap.

Fall 2015 is as yet a blank slate. I don't know where I'll be or if I'll even be in the states. My contract expires in November but I might have to leave earlier for another job if the right one comes up. With that in mind no races are on the schedule and probably won't be until I have some idea of what's happening with my life #headinthesand
Ideally, if I am moving, I'll probably take most of my spring races easy, focus on getting stronger and then try for a big PR in the fall/winter season.

It looks like I have enough on my plate to keep me busy for another year, let me know some of your resolutions.


  1. I like your idea of racing in more states. If you ever make it over to the West Coast, I'll come cheer you on. Hopefully I will make it your way soon (at some point - we have family there). One of my goals is to drink more water and focus more on hydration. Not my strong suit. :) Cheers to 2015 and lots of running!!!

    1. Thats a good goal. I need to drink more water too. I always feel better when I'm well hydrated.