Sunday, 21 December 2014

Recovery Week

So in case you didn't know I'm crazy stupid and signed up months ago for the Walt Disney World Marathon on Jan 11th. Not to race, it'll strictly be a fun run.
However, that makes my recovery in between races really important as any injuries will be made worst if they are still lingering by the time Disney comes around. This week has been all about taking it easy after the marathon on Saturday.

After arriving home on Sunday at lunch time I relaxed until the urge for my normal routine became too much and I went to my usual yoga class. My instructor marvelled that I was there, inside I was too, but I played it cool because you know I can run a marathon and be fine the next day. Bahahaha!!

The class was hip openers and funnily enough I felt fine. One hip (left) was a bit tighter than the other but I got through the class with minimal wobbles and no pain. I felt great afterwards.

Monday-Rest and Back to work
Other than my shoulder and elbow, everything felt normal. I bounced between having loads of energy and waves of tiredness. Energy because I've been sleeping like a baby since the race and tiredness, because you know recovery and all that.

Tuesday- Massage and 30 min walk
I was in a lot of discomfort all day from my shoulders and elbow. A hour long massage in the evening, thank you Mom and Dad, took a ton of that away. Its been hard doing fiddly lab work, when really I just want to rest my upper body.

After the massage I took Boomer, who has been on a running hiatus too, to the park for a 30 minute walk to burn off some energy. Nothing hurt, again suggesting my legs are good, yay. My legs didn't even burn on a very large flight of stairs. I still cannot believe that I ran a marathon and the worst part of me is my shoulders. The training program I did was tough, maybe too much for me since I obviously have some muscle imbalances to work on, but damn its made my legs strong.

Spent most of the day taking deep breaths and dropping my shoulders so I don't undo all the good work the massage did (95% shoulder pain gone, 50%  of elbow pain gone). I'm going to have to move/kidnap my massage lady if I move....she is amazing.
That evening I sat with an ice pack on my elbow and a cup of tea in hand. I turned on the Christmas tree lights, lit a candle and just chilled while Martina went off for a run. It was weird to be on the other side of the running addiction for once, weird good!

Thursday-2 miles-10.36 min/mile
Post run selfie
This week has been all pampering in the lead up to Christmas. A mani/pedi after work was so nice. It ripped my one blister off but other than that my tuttsies look great.
Since my legs have been feeling so good, I've been itching to see how they feel on a run. I have a gradual build up planned, with no major long runs between now and Disney. First up was a 2 mile run with Martina and Boomer. Nothing hurt!!! Not wanting to chance fate I kept it slow and steady and stopped after two. Elated is the only way to describe how I felt.

Vegetarian Gumbo

Afterwards a gorgeous dinner at Bourbon. I will definitely be revisiting for cocktails.

Friday- rest
Lots of rest and relaxation. I had a work Christmas party. Given that I work in a lab full of girls it was pretty quiet all afternoon when everyone went home early to get ready. Lots of good food, drinks and laughs. 

Recovery from the party ;)

Sunday 5 miles
5 miles with Martina. I probably pushed it a little with the distance but I felt great until I got a bit of ITB pain in my left knee in the last half a mile. Nothing major just a little reminder that my body hasn't fully forgiven me for last week yet!!! Afterwards the pain left immediately and I only had a slight ache in my elbow.
Obviously I haven't fully recovered. I felt drained when I got back and had a two hour nap. That's the joy of recovering over the holidays, if you are tired you can just have a nap. In the next week I just have to remember a slow build up will serve me better in the long run.

BTW if I don't blog before Christmas Day, Happy Holidays!

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