Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Recovery week 2

Usually I'm the person who gets sick every holiday. I've avoided it this time, knock on wood. I've been getting up late (10am most mornings), napping etc. It's obvious that the last few months of training and minor stresses have taken their toll. My body has come back to earth with a massive whoomp lol but I'm not sick thank goodness­čśâ

 Injury report: not using my left arm for anything besides running and adding a wrist brace has gotten rid of the elbow pain, while my shoulder has been uncomfortable, not painful, on and off.  IT band pain kicks in after a few miles on my knee but no hip pain. Slow going but it's progress. Really focusing on stretching and rolling for now and then I'll launch into full rehab mode after Disney. 

Monday -Yoga
I went to a very different class this week-Gentle and restorative yoga. It barely felt like yoga. The second half of the class involved some extended time in supported poses while the instructor went around and gave everyone a short thai massage. It was amazing. It definetely moved something as the deltoid muscles in my left arm twitched for a little while afterwards. 

Tuesday 3 miles 9.55 mins/mile
Three miles that felt long. Man suck it up! 

Wednesday 5 miles 9.06 mins/mile
Decided enough was enough and kicked my own ass out the door for a run. I overdressed and it was warm and humid. I was soo sweaty but it felt really good to listen to some music full blast and run in the rain. A good honest workout.

Very sick of all my old music but two of my new favorites to run to are Sia-Chandelier and David Guetta ft. Sam Smith-Dangerous (the 80s vibe gets me going strangely). 
 ITB pain again in the last half a mile. Afterwards when stretching, my hip flexors and left hamstring were super tight so they got some extra attention. 

Thursday- should have run but I rested
Santa came so lots of fun was had

Friday- 3 miles 10.05 mins/mile
After bringing Boomer to the dog park I remembered how nice and flat (kind of) that neighborhood is. That prompted a return visit for all 3 of the family for a run. It's so nice; sidewalks, tree lined streets, old brick houses, basically suburban heaven very close to work. I wish I'd looked around a bit more when I moved here...ah well, I ain't moving until I'm really moving, it's too much hassle. 

The run was fun. I felt strong the whole time, no pain. It was a bit warmer than I was expecting, 65F when we were finishing, so we were all a little toasty. 

Saturday- 5 miles 8.30 mins/mile
Straight away I was zooming along. A little life has come back into my legs. Other than a tight shoulder everything felt great. First time past 4.5 miles without any knee pain!!!!
I put this down to multiple sweat inducing sessions (pain makes me sweat ) on the lacrosse ball rolling out my quads, ITB and glutes.

Sunday 8 miles 10.05 Mins/mile
Decided to go with Martina for her long run (11 miles) with the aim of running as much of it as I could but stopping when my knee got bad. Got to mile 6.5 without any pain and then it slowly got worst. Went as far as 7 with her then walked .25 miles and stretched everything before jogging back a mile for a total of 8. Ideally I would have loved to do it all but 8 is pretty good for now. Disney will be a walk-run scenario anyhow so the pain should hold off for longer then, I hope...pretty please!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their vacation so far.


  1. I love the fog pic! :) And I like those two songs, too. Have you heard "Uptown Funk"? You may like that.

    I am concerned you had pain in almost EVERY run! No bueno! :(

    1. I have heard it and I like it.

    2. I know but it's not bad pain..I stop as soon as it kicks in. Very frustrating but it's just gonna take time

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