Sunday, 4 January 2015

More recovery or the longest taper ever who knows!!

Well this is week 3 after running the Kiawah Island Marathon, with another week until The Walt Disney World Marathon. I'm in total denial that I'm running a full marathon in another week. The most I've done to prepare is to pick up some Shot Bloks and body glide when I was in a sports store (something I would have done anyhow).

Monday -yoga
I went to Basic yoga this week. Learned a new pose at the end of the class - a magical back twist. It stretched exactly where my left shoulder was tight. It released something because that awful tightness is gone, yipeeeeee! Where was this stretch 6 weeks ago. Better late than never, namaste!
Another piece of the shoulder/elbow puzzle hit me during a run this bra. I had the straps way too tight. I know my inclination, and probably most people with more than a handful, is to strap them in as tight as possible but with racer back bras the straps sit right over a bundle of nerves. This can compress the nerves and alter how your shoulder muscles work, then viola, problems.

Tuesday 4 miles 8.44 min/mile
Pain free, easy and fastish.  It didn't seem fast, probably because Boomer was with me and he was trotting...sneaky four legs, he is so fast for a shortie.

Wednesday 4 miles 9.40 min/mile
Switched days around so I could make it to yoga. Today I was the sneaky one and pushed Martina's pace. Onły she who controls the watch knows the pace!! That's probably why she ordered a watch today ha ha. My old FR405 completely kicked the bucket so she doesn't have one. All four miles pain free....please let this trend continue. 
I made it to a special candle light yoga class for New Years Eve. The edges of the room were lined with candles. As well as the usual yoga, a little meditation was added for a very relaxing class.
Afterwards at home we had some persecco to ring in the New Year, while comforting a very scared cocker spaniel.

Thursday 5 miles 9.21 min/mile
3 with Martina and Boomer, two on my own. Pain free :D. Feeling great, it was hard to hold back on the pace. This is much more like how I thought I'd feel tapering for Kiawah.

Friday rest
Relaxed and had some fun watching Boomer play in the dog park. Started binge watching a new show on Netflix called The Originals.--True Blood like, it's pretty good!

Saturday 5 miles 9.05 min/mile
Another pain free run, yay. Faded a little towards the end, not physically it was just mental. Another foggy day.
Sunday 8 miles 11.05 min/mile
8 pain free miles to round out the week. Spent the day waiting for the rain to pass. When we did get out it was warm (70F) and humid. Good practice for Disney which is meant to be in the 80s!!!!! 

Pretty good pace for the first five then my running buddy faded a bit. Just glad to get the miles in. 
26 miles for the week. I could probably have squeezed in a few more but better to go into Disney feeling good?

Bye, bye vacation. You were the two weeks of nothingness that I really needed to be re-energized for the new year.

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