Sunday, 7 December 2014

Marathon (Kiawah) Training- Week 17-Week 2 of Taper

Plan Crosstrain
Actual Yoga
I've been enjoying yoga more and more. Its been nice going every single week for the last 4 months or so. I've seen an improvement and every class I learn something about poses I've done tons of times. This week, I did one pose and felt it from my hip up the side of my stomach. I'm guessing it was my obliques I felt stretching but I'd never felt that before aka I wasn't doing it right before. 

Plan 4 miles
Actual 4 miles
I worked out a lot of knots/adhesions from my hamstrings with a lacrosse ball. The foam roller does nothing for my hammies (I might be doing it wrong) but the lacrosse ball really seems to get to the areas I have problems with. As a result my four miles with Boomer felt wonderful, so light and easy. No sign of the dreaded ITBS.
We also got to test out our new light which I left blinking on the leash between us -- $10 at Target. I've been looking for one for a while but didn't want to spent $10-20 and then another $5-10 on shipping. I'll probably stock up on a couple more to have one at the front and one at the back.

Plan 6 miles
Actual 4 miles
I decided to switch my runs for Tuesday and Wednesday around for two reasons 1. I had a massage in the evening after work and the reduced miles let me get more benefit from it and 2. the main reason is it means both days I can run with Martina for most of the miles. Its nice to have company.

The massage was good. Almost shed some tears but the pain is totally worth it. My shoulders and back are a mess right now...and then the usual hip stuff was dealt with. I don't want anything messing with my legs on marathon week but I did book myself in for another appointment, next week, to work on my shoulders for 30 mins, as the looser they are the more relaxed everything else feels.

The run felt good and so short, yay! I forgot my watch again but I might deliberately do that in the next week or so, so I'm not tempted to run too fast as I start to fully feel the benefit of tapering.

Plan 4 miles
Actual 6 miles
This was another slow run but it felt great. My legs felt fresh right to the very end.

Plan Rest
Actual Rest
At home alone all evening. Between the extra energy I'm starting to feel and having no one to talk to I was bouncing off the walls, ended up watching a not so great movie to pass the time!

Plan 4 miles
Actual 4 miles+
Martina was in Charleston for a conference on Friday and coincidently early packet pick up for the Kiawah Island Marathon was the next day. I drove down on Friday evening, to stay the night, with Boomer strapped into the front seat beside me. I got to the hotel and we headed straight out to dinner, to an Irish bar of all places, Molly Darcy's. I had a delicous veggie shepards pie, yum. Once we got back to the hotel I was exhausted and it was 8pm, so rather than waiting I decided to get my run done. Half a mile outside in the parking lot with Boomer to burn of his excess energy and the 3.5 or more in the tiniest gym ever. I had a pretty full belly but didn't feel it too much or get sick.

Plan 8 miles
Actual 8 miles
Boomer was really good in the barking. From about 5am onwards he was restless but a hand on his back was enough to settle him. Unfortunately that also meant I was semi awake from 5am. From then on all day it was the Boomer show! He must have said hi to a 100 people, all adoring him, and around 10 other dogs. People were pointing at him from cars and restaurants, I think he might have a secret celebrity life we don't know about.
 We went and got my packet, scary, and then lots of shopping. I'm still going to the expo next weekend but at least if the traffic is awful on the drive down I have what I need to run.

I picked up a few cute Christmas decorations at the Charleston city market. Then we went to the Tanger Outlets and I picked up a pair of  full length tights for a steal in Under Armor.

After that it was time to go home. We got back and I napped for two hours before going running. I felt a bit off after sleeping so awkwardly (thanks Boomer) and then driving but I got it done. Last long run done woohooo. Now I just have to keep everything feeling good and stop my nerves from getting out of control. Its gonna be a long week!!

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  1. Aww, what a fun little mini trip at the end of the week! :) I hope you aren't feeling like you did every night this week, like you did last Thursday! Gah, taper!!! Almost there! :) I got my pre-race massage today!