Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Last week of marathon training- the final preparations

This week I've escaped from the fog of tiredness that seemed to settle over me for the last two months. I've been like a cork in a champagne bottle, ready to rocket into the sky at any given time. If this is what I feel like tapering, imagine what I'm going to be like afterwards with a week or two off running, crazzzzzy.

My hips don't hurt, at all for the first time in a long time, in fact pretty much everything feels good except my shoulders. As the last week or two passed and my predominant pains are gone, smaller ones have popped up and then gone away. I think the smaller ones have been there the whole time but drowned out by some of the bigger aches, now everything is just healing/unknotting/refuelling.

The last few runs I've been making feel worst than they should because I've been telling myself "eh its only 3 miles I'll just eat dinner and then run". Feel free to laugh at me, I do. Monday was no exception I had 3 miles to do. I had dinner with my lab-mates to celebrate one of them passing a candidacy exam and then headed out with Boomer to run. Nothing felt bad I just ran slowly to stop my stomach from getting upset.
Tuesday I had 4 miles and it felt easy, again I brought the pup. Mid-run being a good dog owner I stepped onto some grass to get to a trash can to drop off Boomers' deposit. Someone else decided to be a crappy dog owner, I stepped into the biggest pile of *stuff*. Not the kind you can let dry in and then scrape off later. No this doo doo was not to be ignored, it was so bad, the smell had me gagging. When I got home I spent 15 minutes just cleaning my shoe.
Either its a sign of how things are to going to go on Saturday, s**t and I'll spend a long time cleaning up the resulting mess, OR a good omen. Lets go with a good omen, bird poop is lucky why not dog poop, ha ha. I got home, showered and ate dinner by 7.30pm. It felt like it should have been way later. Its been weird not having any 10 mile mid-week runs.

Wednesday and Thursdays are a rest day. Then a final two miles on Friday, which I imagine will be done on Kiawah Island in the dark. Today saw me take my lunch break on the massage table. Thirty mins of alternating relaxation and pain. My back is a mess but better than it was, I can now relax my shoulders!! So all thats left to do really is relax, rest, prep some food and pack my gear.

It looks like the temperatures should be in the 40s and sunny for my entire run on Saturday. A tad chilly but pretty much perfect marathon running weather. I've decided to wear my 3/4 length pants (since they've never ever chafed) and a long sleeve t-shirt. I've probably top that off with some gloves (that I'll pass off to my friends at some point) and my water belt. I'm always tempted to wear more but really all I need is a thin layer between my skin and the cold...running will warm everything else.

SOooooo my A goal (like in my dreams A goal) would be to sneak in under four hours B. four hours 10 or under (that'd take around 40 minutes or more off my previous marathon time) C. PR at all
D. just finish without feeling like death.

Lets hope I achieve at least one of those goals.

 Big shout out to Kim who is also running a marathon this weekend!! Good luck.


  1. Woo hoo! I am happy the massage helped those shoulders a bit! And I do agree that the poo is a good omen! LOL

    Yay for perfect weather! I can't wait to hear how your race goes and I hope you meet your goals!

    Thanks for the shout out! I will be thinking of you on Sat! GO GET IT!!!!

    1. You too! I'll be somewhere (probably in pain ha ha) thinking of you on Sunday...good luck

  2. Oh, the beauty of taper week. I felt like all kinds of things were going wrong and I was experiencing aches and pains that were abnormal and new. It’s amazing how it all goes away and comes together as soon as the race starts. Our body and mind deals with the taper and pre-race jitters in such a unique way!

    I’ll be thinking about you all week. Good luck this weekend!!! That is great that the weather is supposed to be so nice.