Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Crazy dog lady: Christmas edition

Dogs have always been part of my family. Starting with a giant Collie called Tim. Then a series of mixed Terriers and finally when I left home Rottweilers. 
My Mom has always been the crazy crazy person who talks to her dogs like they're people/small children. Fine when your at home...a little more embarrassing in public. When my parents lost our previous Rottweiler they were beyond upset, I'd even go so far as to say depressed. 
Now I have a dog thats my own I understand better. I raised him from a little peanut and now I'm starting to turn into my Mom. Boomer has gone from being a pretty good puppy overall to a more mature version. He loves adventure and is a great running buddy, I don't think I could love the little fella more. 
It shows, he has more presents than the rest of the household combined. He loves the Christmas tree; it makes a great brush and has already tried to find his presents. Only two more sleeps until Santa arrives.
 So don't be afraid to spoil your 'babies' this Christmas, we all know Santa comes to good pets!!

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