Sunday, 7 December 2014

A little non scale victory today...

As I saw from the last round of marathon training my weight doesn't really change too much throughout training and that's held true this time as well. I haven't followed up with a post on my BF measurements with calipers because I did it again and it said my BF was 15%.....the calipers completely lie. Maybe with all my free time post-marathon I'll go get professionally measured since clearly I'm not too good at it, anyhow back to a non scale victory.

I'm going to preface this by saying everyone is different heights, shapes, builds etc etc please don't compare sizes. Smaller doesn't make people better than each other, just different. Im comparing myself to myself only. I know my body and its limits. I'm not super skinny, 5 foot 3 with plenty of muscle and still a fair bit of cushion. I'm also not boasting, this is genuinely a big deal for me. 

At my biggest I was a U.S. size 20-22. Not ginormous but for someone as short as me it wasn't healthy either. Today I went shopping to replace some clothes...I've finally reached the point where my wardrobe is so empty (except for my bursting at the seams sports drawer) that I have to start restocking. I bought not one but two pairs of size 2 jeans. Holy moly when did that happen. I'm now a 2-4 depending on the material and shape of pants. 

Less than 4 years ago, I remember walking out of stores (even just leaving the mall) due to the sheer frustration of constantly trying on clothes that don't fit and none being available in my size. That feeling sucks so bad. I've stopped losing weight but I don't want to stop celebrating little moments because that's when you stop appreciating what you do have and things start to slip (at least in my case).

There is a point that I think I needed to reach to successfully lose weight. You get so fed up and or sick that you can't ignore your weight anymore. The comfort of not trying and therefore not failing is replaced by sheer determination and all those things you ignored; the pants size, the number on the scales, the food on your plate, the snide remarks people make** become markers for your progress. I'll be forever grateful I took the step to invest in myself and my future. I really encourage anyone who is trying to lose weight to go for it. Find help and do it right (slowly, consistently, eat well and know when to stop) you'll never regret it. 

 ** they'll continue to make remarks but eventually it'll become you should stop losing weight, not because your BMI is too low/even in the healthy range but because you are not the obviously fat friend or family member that they can pigeon hole anymore...


  1. Wow, that is an awesome NSV! Huge congrats! Did you have to donate a bunch of your old clothes?

    It's interesting you get to a tipping point with realizing "enough is enough" and it's time to get healthy. My weight has fluctuated a TON but I never get there... I just get to a point where I want to run faster or reach a race goal, so I start watching what I eat. I need to be more invested, like you. I appreciate you writing this.

    And yes to your asterisk! I once had someone tell me I needed to stop losing weight cause I was the fat one!

    1. Thanks. Yes at first I had to donate bags of clothes and I was changing sizes pretty quickly. The last year or two I haven't changed too much and since I spend so much money on races I haven't really bought normal clothes in a while. If something is a bit loose I put it down to what a nice surprise!
      It is really hard, but who said it all had to be done in one big effort!! Try keep off the little bits you lose and you'll eventually get there. BTW you look great in your pictures so don't listen to the naysayers just do whatever you feel is right.