Saturday, 27 December 2014

2014 Racing Round up

2014 has been the year of racing. I've completed a 5k, 10k, 12k, 14 x half marathons and a full marathon. Most have been for long training runs but its been so much fun. I thought I'd round out the year by highlighting some of my favourite aspects of the races I've run. An Oscars of races!!

Best Volunteers
Based on: Organisation and enthusiasm.

Cherokee Harvest Half Marathon- Musical and very enthusiastic

RnR Virginia Beach-  Very well organized

Tryon Half Marathon- Super friendly from start to finish

Best after party & food
Based on: Quality and quantity of food, seating etc

Cherokee Harvest Half Marathon- Def. the best food I received after running

Tryon Half Marathon- Lots of tasty food

Kiawah Island Marathon- good food, unlimited beer, lots of seating and space heaters

Best Course
Based on: Technically, hills, beauty.

Kiawah Island Marathon/Palmetto Bluff Half Marathon- I'm rolling these into one because they have very similar low country scenery and both very flat

New River Half Marathon- very hilly, but the prettiest course

Tryon Half Marathon- trails but again beautiful and got to see some great fall colors

Hon. mention to Cherokee Harvest Half--especially for entry into the Smoky Mountains National Park

Best support
Based on: Number and enthusiasm of spectators, lots of aid stations

RnR Virginia Beach- by far the most spectators, that played their part in cooling everyone down with hoses and ice pops. Lots of official extras too.

Run Like a Diva North Myrtle Beach- lots of spectators

Kiawah Island Marathon- a lot of aid stations and more spectators than I expected

Best overall experience

Based on: My overall enjoyment regardless of how the race went

Kiawah Island Marathon- Good accommodation, stress free and a good race

RnR Virginia Beach- Super fun weekend with mimosas on the beach

Run Like a Diva North Myrtle Beach- on the beach in March..of course it was good.

Best t-shirt
Based on: Comfort, fit, useful and looks good

Palmetto Bluff Half Marathon- like the design and its a good fit for everyday wear

Scream Half Marathon- love the design

Run Like a Nut Half Marathon- not so much a good looking t-shirt but its super comfortable and is now my pj top

Races with extras
Based on: extra swag, extra amenities

Tobacco Road Half Marathon- got a pair of compression sleeves. There was tent to keep everyone dry at the race start

Cherokee Harvest Half Marathon- great swag.

Kiawah Island Marathon- spectator shuttles around the course, bike rentals for spectators, PT at the end, free massages, a free photo download, lots of food on course including some blondie bars at mile 20.

Best medal
Based on: Originally, design (reflecting the race) and of course size

Kiawah Island Marathon - love that it was a bob cat (native to Kiawah) and teal is my favorite color.

Darlington Half Marathon- the little track was unique and sparkly

Tobacco Road Half Marathon- love the train

Hon mention to palmetto half and scream

Best performance by yours truly
Based on: Consistency of run, time and mental attitude

Run like a nut - 3rd in my age group and a PR. Ran even splits.

Bootlegger - Placed in my age group. Solid race felt good.

Kiawah- Horrible splits but a big PR and stayed strong mentally.

If you feel like checking out my recaps for any of the races here are some links:
5k Resolution Run, Columbia SC25:11PR (1st F 30-34, 4th F Overall)
10K Red Shoe Run, Columbia SC51:52:00PR (2nd F 30-34, 12th F Overall)
Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton SC 1:54:47
Tobacco Road Half, Cary NC 2:07:06Split 6.55 1.06.46 (1st half pace, 10.11 2nd 9.57)
Palmetto Half, Columbia SC 1:59:14
Run like a Diva, Mrtyle Beach SC 1:56:55
New River Half Marathon, Todd NC 2:16:47
Bootlegger Half Marathon, Dawsonville GA 1:58:22
Scream Half Marathon, Mortimer NC1:57:17Gun time only
Rock n Roll Virginia Beach VA 2:05Start of Marathon Training
Darlington Half Marathon SC 2:13
Ray Tanner Home Run 12k Columbia SC 1:02
Cherokee Harvest Half Marathon, Cherokee NC 2:41
Spinx Fest Greenville SC2:04:47
Run Like a Nut, Florence SC1:54:14PR (3rd F 30-34)
Governers Cup, Columbia SC2:08:00
Tryon Half Marathon2:32:00
Kiawah Island Marathon4:22:28

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  1. You have had an incredible year. Are you planning on racing this much in 2015? I like how you put the races under different categories. The next time I am in SC (hopefully in the next year or so) I am going to look into a few of these and hopefully sign up!