Friday, 14 November 2014

Variety is the spice of life

My half marathon racing season is coming to an end for this year and marathon training is reaching its peak. As a result I've been thinking back on the last few months. 
There have been weeks were I've been exhausted, sore, sick etc etc. I've ran in fog, rain, heat, humidity, lightning, frost, daylight, darkness. Yes I've complained, as always, sorry! 

The biggest achievement for me has simply been to run. It hasn't mattered whats happened I've run. Not always feeling as good as I've liked, or as fast as I'd want, but I've learned to accept that running is part of my life that is not going anywhere. The varying weather conditions or how I feel is just another way that a run is different, adding variety to my training.

I've also accepted what I've heard so many really doesn't get any easier, you learn to push through and raise the bar. This year I've ran a bunch of races, which have been fun, but really what I've been doing is slowly becoming a better runner. I've gone from training for a single race and then not running for months (and repeat), to training continuously throughout the year, running more miles every week than I ever have and thankfully not getting injured. I've learned more about stretching, strengthening (not enough), the value of replacing gear frequently (mostly shoes) and looking after myself properly.

Will I be thankful to go back to training at the half marathon level...hell yes! No matter how the Kiawah Marathon turns out on the day, would I change what I've done this year? NO way, I've loved it all.

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