Saturday, 1 November 2014

Run Like a Nut

Run Like A Nut was a half marathon as part of the Pecan Festival in Florence SC. I registered for this ages ago. However, when it came down to it I really didn't want to go do it. I woke up at 5am after having not slept very well at all and it was that lovely time of the month too. 

I dragged my ass out of bed and ate a bagel, took some ibuprofen and some coffee listening to the rain pelting down. Today was meant to be a wash out so I expecting it. It was also in the 40s this morning so I pulled out 3/4 length tights and my new long sleeved t-shirt from last weekend. On top of that I put on a fully water proof jacket. I didn't bother with my race belt as I wasn't going further than 13, it was cooler and it also chafes like hell when wet.
The drive up to Florence was only an hour and a half long so once I got used to the rain it was an easy drive. I found The Fitness Forum (aka the gym where the race started) and parked easily. I ate some Shot Bloks and had some water. I went inside. packet pickup was easy and real restrooms were right there!
I got a very cozy long sleeved cotton t-shirt in Halloween colors lol, included in the bag were a mini Clif bars and brochures.
The race started on time and I took off on what is one of the most confusing courses I've ever ran. Most of the time it was fine, arrows were visibly spray painted on the road or there was a volunteer but at points the yellow arrows (for the HM) were really faded and hard to distinguish from others. I paused once or twice to figure it out and several times either had to keep going until I hit another marker to be sure or check that the group behind me were still following.
The aid station were around 2-2.5 miles apart and I walked through them all. I also stopped once to tie a shoe. I tried to take in lots of liquids because even though it was freezing outside my rain jacket was keeping things nicely sweaty underneath. Because of the rain jacket I pinned my bib on my leg and felt oddly rebellious doing it lol.
I accidently ran this way faster than I should have for a couple of reasons. One being my rain jacket was fiddly over my watch and everytime I tried to look at it I either pressed the lap or stop I stopped looking. Two, early on another girl decided to get a bit competitive with me since we'd been running lockstep for a while. Let's just say I couldn't let it go but I did leave her behind. It sounds mean but it's a race. Once I get dialed into a pace it's hard to break it. Ignoring my stellar 3 min/mile pace for a minute you can see I kept it pretty constant except for aid stations.
No hills this weekend 
Towards the end I did get a bit tired and realized I may have overdone it but I took it home at the same pace. In the end we didn't get rained on except for a sprinkle or two in the last few miles but right after I finished the heavens opened.
The joy of finishing at a gym meant that showers were available and I came prepared with a towel and change of clothes. I got a shower and grab some snacks and waited for the awards. I got 3rd in my age group and a sweet glass. There weren't that many females in the race so I got lucky but it's still nice to get something extra :) next year I'll work on getting some firsts or seconds in my age group but I think that'll take some serious work. 
Run Like a Nut Florence, SC  1.54.16 (first .43 9.23, 9.12, 9.01, 8.51, 9.09, 8.54, 9, 8.47, 8.48, 8.56, 9.04, 8.56, 8.49, last half a mile 7.59 min/mile)
 I think this might be around a 30 second PR but the course might have been a bit short?! let's call it  a repeat of my previous PR




  1. You killed it! Congrats on a speedy finish and for finishing 3rd in your AG! Looks like it was a great race.

  2. Thanks Kristen, I'll catch up with you, you speedster, someday :) Just one more to go then the big one. Hope you are having a great weekend.