Sunday, 23 November 2014

Marathon (Kiawah) - Week 15

Wednesday is hump day, well this week was hump week. I've been ready to taper for a while. Maybe 3 peak weeks were too much. I reverted to my one day at a time attitude and that really helped me so much this week.

Plan Crosstraining
Actual Yoga

Tough class, I couldn't actually do a few of the poses. This body was not meant to bend like that. I am improving though. We did one pose ----->

I actually managed to hold it for a good bit of time, usually I just push myself up and forward and plop straight back to earth!!

Plan 5 miles
Actual 5 miles 8.52 min/mile
I stuck my arm out the back door of my house and when it didn't immediately freeze I reached for a short sleeved T-shirt. Other than a few shivers getting out of the car it was the perfect choice and the perfect temperature for a run at 55F (I checked just for you Kristen :)). I turned up my music and ran, the 5 miles weren't long passing by.

Plan 10 miles
Actual 10 miles
My email got hacked, how annoying. Needless to say I now have every security feature I can find activated on my account. I also spent a good 30 minutes cleaning out my contacts in case it happens again. Its a bit awkward having spammed someone you haven't talked to in years. Luckily I had some destressing pre-planned.
A massage after work again. I don't normally get them this close together but I really want to be in good shape for the marathon. I got back from that and after a handful of pretzels it was out the door to complete my 10 miles. Other than the below freezing temperatures it was pretty uneventful.  I had some awful chafing and very pink skin for a while. A hot shower and around an hour under a pile of blankets and I thawed out. The results of the overnight temperatures were obvious the next morning.

Plan 5 miles
Actual 5 miles
 Boomer is back to his old mischievous self but we aren't bringing him out running this week in case his muscles aren't fully healed. As a result he is driving us crazy but thats so much better than the sad eyes of a sick pup.

My last pair of new shoes, for this training cycle, arrived. The plan is to wear the current ones until the end of this week, at which point they'll have 150 miles on them (enough to use again later) and then wear the new ones for the two weeks of taper and marathon week. I also replenished my supply of body glide, hallelujah. The travel sized sticks were a little smaller than expected, lol.
 4 miles with Martina after work. The temperatures managed to hover just above freezing today, yay. I felt very tired and I was the slower one on this run. I thought a lot about the fact that the next day was a rest day to get me through to the finish. 3 out of 5 runs finished for my last peak week. Lets forget about the fact that the last two amount to 30 miles ;)

Plan Rest
Actual Rest

 Plan 10 miles
Actual 10 miles 9. 24 min/mile
3 miles with Martina, 7 alone at race pace. This is becoming a familiar pattern. Everything felt good. It was a bit hard to get in the groove but I finished strong.

Plan 20 miles
Actual 20 miles 9.51 min/mile
8 miles with Martina for her long run and then I picked the pace up approx. a minute a mile for the remaining 12 miles. Mentally this was a really hard run. I had to stop a few times due to stomach issues. I tried to take on as much fuel as I could. I don't think this affected me badly, in fact I think I just ate too much the night before, being greedy always gets you one way or another!
The first 8 miles weren't too bad and before Martina took the car I stopped at it to drink a good bit of watered down Gatorade, eat some pretzels and grab my music. Then it was all on me to finish the run. The change of pace and music kept things interesting for a while, as did the fall colors that seem to have finally arrived.
 As well as long stretches I used mini out and backs to add distance e.g. To the parking lot and back was 0.5 miles. That helped chip away miles without getting too bored. I kept the pace constant but many times during the last four miles I felt on the edge of tears; my feet hurt, my knees hurt and the old fear of 'if this is hard how will I run 26.2' kept rearing its head. 
I would say >80% of this was mental. I circled the parking lot, towards the end, to be there when Martina and Boomer came to pick me up. Boomer ran the last 0.8, in the park, with me. Nothing like a joyful little face to bring me back to a positive frame of mind
A tough run to make me stronger. Now it's time to taper.....


  1. I am happy Boomer is doing better! And I think that is awesome you guys still have leaves on your trees :) I hope you recover well from your long run :)

    1. Thanks, much better already!! I love the fall colors i wish they'd stay until spring