Friday, 7 November 2014

Marathon (Kiawah) Training Week 13

Finally some signs of autumn (fall). A few trees have started to change color and leaves are slowly starting to accumulate on the ground. The temperatures are still fluctuating a lot but the general trend is downwards. I was overly optimistic a couple of times this week and wore gloves and a jacket and ended up too hot after a mile. Overall, loving the cooler temperatures. This is officially my favorite time of year to run.
This week is turning out to be a series of slow runs but with the miles I have to do (another 50 mile week) and my hip acting up I'll settle for getting the runs finished without injury. I really wanted to toss aside this week as a high mileage week but I stuck with it and took each day as it came. Sometimes the harder a week it is the more rewarding.

Plan Crosstraining
Actual yoga 1 hour 15
Wimped out again and went to yoga but after Saturday's race and a week of hip pain it was probably for the best. Even the most basic postures hurt and I shook and sweated my way through class.....why did I run hard on Saturday, sometimes I'm my own worst enemy.

Plan 5 miles
Actual 9.45 min/mile
5 slow miles with Boomer. Is it wrong to reward yourself with alcohol after a run?

Plan 10 miles
Actual 10 miles 9.32 min/mile
Massage time. Scrambled to get from work to my massage at 5.30pm. It was really badly needed. Lots of work on my hip flexors, psoas and glutes. Its a bit weird to have someone knead your butt and groin area. Gotta do what you gotta do, right! Even on the massage table I could feel that my right hip was releasing, yay.
However, I went home had a snack and then proceeded to undo 90% of the massages good work by getting my 10 mile run done. I ran the first 3 miles with Martina and then the last 7 all by myself (cue Celine Dion). Got some good pace for the last 6 miles (approx 9.10 min/mile). My knees felt kind of weird (which has happened before after a massage) but overall the run was really good.

Plan 5 miles
Actual 5 miles 10.25 min/mile
 Four miles with Martina and another opportunity to destress and vent. All good things. Picked up the pace for the last mile by myself. Another huge dinner and a beer afterwards. Should probably have had some water instead :)

Plan Rest
Spent a lot of time on a lacrosse ball trying to work on my glutes hoping my hip would release a bit pain, no gain!

Plan 10 miles
Actual 10 miles 9.22 min/mile
Again 3 miles with Martina and 7 myself. Picked it up as the run went on. Finished it out with an 8.24 mile. Sore starting out but loosened up. 

Plan 20 miles
Actual 20 miles (9.33, 10.01, 10.33, 9.43, 9.48, 9.33, 9.28, 9.36, 9.30, 9.57, 9.38, 9.51, 10.43--bathroom break, 9.38, 9.15, 9.41, 9.44, 10.25---more stomach cramps, 9.56, 10.22---death march)
Not too early of a start. I ran the Governor's Cup Half Marathon, my last half of the year, which started at 8am. I leisurely got up at 6.30am and ate. 20 miles were on the cards. I decided to run to the race since it was close to home, no parking logistics involved, hurrah! I ran 2 miles to the race and realized, right after I'd stopped my watch, I'd arrived earlier than I thought. I decided to run another mile before the race and managed to pop into the back of the pack two minutes before the race started. Ran the half and then planned to run home and drop off some gear. I got stopped since a train blocked my path in every direction so I ran up and down the sidewalk to get some distance in instead of stopping and waiting.
 It eventually moved and I made it home with just under a mile left and a very unhappy tummy. A quick pit stop and I headed back out the door with Boomer to finish the last 0.8 miles. I hit a bit of a wall at that point and the 0.8 seemed so long, not surprising since I'd had 2 pieces of shot Bloks and some Gatorade for the entire run. Bringing the dog was a great idea because the joy he has for running is infectious. Finished out the 20 miles tired and sore but proud of another big week!!

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