Sunday, 30 November 2014

Marathon (Kiawah) Training Week 16-Week 1 of Taper

Week one of tapering over. I can't believe that its only another 2 weeks until the race.

Plan Cross training
Actual Yoga
A really good class. I think my yoga instructor is sick of me requesting hip openers (even though I limit my request to once every few weeks). I've been complaining about my hip being tight for ages but it seems to be slowly loosening. Every yoga class for the last few weeks has been better.

Plan 5 miles
Actual 5 miles 10.20 min/mile
A very slow easy run to break in new shoes. After a bit of anxiety about how I felt running on Saturday, I just wanted to run and enjoy it. No pace goals. I started out sore (right glute mostly) but it felt like the muscle letting me know it was tired (rather than full on injured). As I warmed up that disappeared after a mile or two. 
Starting out I considered ending my run after 3 miles to let myself recovery more and prevent injury (my running buddy was finishing then and there was lightning in the distance) but by the time I got to 3 miles everything felt good. I continued on and got a nice smattering of rain, lovely on a warm and humid evening.
Foam rolling, extra stretching and lacrosse ball massages in abundance at my house!

Plan 8 miles
Actual 8 miles 9.30 min/mile
Finally a nice easy run. I felt good and didn't want to quit at any point!!! Wooohooo! Started late enough but I got lucky and avoided most of the rain that evening, only getting sprinkled a few times in the last couple of miles.

Plan 5 miles
Actual 5 miles 9.04 min/mile
Another rainy day, a bit on the cooler side. I had 5 miles to run and the rain had stopped by the time I went out, yay! I've been feeling better and better as the week has gone on. I had a few twinges from a shoulder muscle but otherwise everything felt good and not so tired!! I got to run in the light and enjoyed all the leaves on the ground. Managed to run race pace without any effort.

Plan Rest 
Actual rest
A quiet relaxing thanksgiving at home. Boomers leg is hurting him again, not as bad, but I think it's still healing. His girlfriend came over to stay, as her humans were going away for thanksgiving, that cheered him up.
In return for babysitting she made her humans bring us some delicious pasta for lunch.

Lots of eating today, who am I to break with tradition. Four kinds of potatoes for dinner, yummy.

Plan 4 miles
Actual 4 miles 9.47 min/mile
The first time I really felt like I was tapering this week. An easy four miles with Martina.

Plan 12 miles
Actual 12 miles 9.38 min/mile
I spent the morning painting the living room. We color matched it to the original color (well a bit more yellow) as we rent. Over two years in the house and those walls were a bit scuffed, especially though Boomers puppyhood. I got paint all over me and ended up running afterwards wearing a hat to hide the evidence. 
It was nice going running, knowing I only had 12 miles to do. They went fine. Easy pace felt easy. The groove just wasn't there but I knocked out the miles anyhow. The last mile my left knee got some ITB pain so I walked parts of it. This really worries me so close to the race but I really hope with the reduced miles and lots of stretching (and rolling) in the next two weeks my body will cooperate. Race anxiety is kicking in, eugh!! On a positive note it was a beautiful day to run and I got to see a ton of wildlife.

Since the living room was painted we went off with some friends to pick up my first real Christmas tree. Here's the finished product...not too shabby.
I hope your Thanksgiving Holiday was great!


  1. You are on target for a really great marathon. Nice work completing all of the miles on your schedule!! Enjoy your final weeks of tapering. I will definitely be taking it super easy this week in order to feel fresh on Sunday.

    Your tree looks SO beautiful. Love the colors. :)

    1. I hope so, but like you I get a lot of anxiety around race time so any little ache or pain sets me on a spiral of doom, ha ha! Well I hope you are enjoying your taper and if I don't comment on your blog before the race best of luck.