Sunday, 16 November 2014

Marathon (Kiawah) Training Week 14

If you've never watched a program about childbirth, you should (Channel 4, UK One Born Every Minute--awesome show). It's crazy. There comes a point in labor where every women says "I can't" and almost always the baby comes along shortly afterwards. Not to say childbirth and marathon training are on a par but that's how I feel rIght now. I want to get this done. One more peak week then tapering. 

Plan Crosstraining
Actual Yoga
Still stiff but much better than last week.

Plan 5 miles 9.10 min/mile
Actual 5 miles
Me and the pup. Came home to freshly made bread, muffins and pasta bake, life doesn't get better than that.
Ordered my last pair of shoes for training. The plan is to use them for two weeks of tapering, enough to break them in but still have cushion left.

Plan 6 miles
Actual 6 miles 
A step back week so this was nice compared to my normal 10 mile run. No idea of my pace I completely forgot my watch, lucky there were mile markers. 

Plan 5 miles
Actual 5 miles 9.52 min/mile
4 miles with Martina, 1 on my own. Wednesday's are lovely because one of the local clubs leave water out at the 2 mile mark. 

Plan rest
Actual rest and foam rolling.

Plan 5 miles
Actual 5 miles 8.51 min/mile
All on my own. Spent the whole time worrying about hurt Boomer and the fact that I was the only person in the park. It was kind of creepy, that and the cold made me run faster.

Plan 13 miles
Actual 13.1
Tryon Half Marathon. Tight hip otherwise felt good.


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