Monday, 6 October 2014

Race anxiety

I'm getting to the meat of my marathon training. I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit anxious. I'm not anxious about running 26.2 miles, I know I'll finish, but I'm a little worried about my pace these days.

I know I'm running on tired legs almost all of the time and it's still hot here but I think I'm going to have to start injecting some speed into my easier weeks. I'm beginning to feel like I'm getting slooooower by a lot. What was easy 6 months ago is not so easy now.

I'm meant to actually race a half this weekend according to my training plan. Of course, the one weekend I need to race I can't find one. However, there is a race here in Columbia, The Ray Tanner Home Run which has a 12km (approx. 7.45 miles) race on Saturday. Not quite a half but I think my plan is to run two easy miles before to warm up and then I'm going to run the race (as a race, gasp) and then run the last three and a half miles afterwards. My training plan gives me two days off beforehand so we'll see what I can do on slightly rested legs. Fingers and toes crossed this will be the confidence booster I need to go into these next weeks of training.

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  1. Good look with your pace test this weekend! I look forward to hearing how it goes!