Saturday, 11 October 2014

Marathon (Kiawah) Training - week 9

Ugh is all I can say about this week. It's meant to be a step back week but it sucked.

Plan cross training-swimming or yoga
Actual just the lawn
Exhausted does not describe how I felt.

Plan 4 miles easy
Actual 4 miles 8.43 min/mile
Felt good and it was still cool so I went with it and enjoyed the run.

Plan 9 miles 9.15-9.45 min/mile
Actual 9 miles 9.21 min/mile
I didn't want to go run and clearly someone else tought it was a bad idea too but I did it.
A good run finished close to dark. 
Plan 4 miles
Actual nothing 
Last dentists visit until January yay!!!!
After my run on Tuesday night I took some medication for a yeast infection and some supplements as planned...then it all went downhill. My stomach did not like some or all of what I was putting into it so no running except to the restroom. It stayed like that the rest of the week leaving me dehydrated and exhausted.

Plan 13 miles (including The Ray Tanner Home Run 12k)
Actual 13 miles (1.5 miles to the race, 7.5 of the race, 4 miles after)
My best nights sleep before the race. No worrying about how to get there or where to park. I got up ate and hoped I'd be ok to run. I ran an easy mile and a half to the race start, used the rest rooms and tried to rehydrate.
The race was along familiar roads. It took in one decent hill and a couple of long slow inclines. The race was bigger than I thought with over 500 runners for the 12k and way more for the 5k. Loads of food and music at the end and we got to run around the finish stretch of the USC baseball stadium. A nice shirt and medal ribbon, the medal was meh but I didn't expect one for a 12k.

It was humid which didn't help my hydration situation and warm. I felt awful running to the race but I got amped up to run and after a bit I felt ok. I didn't  take any gatorade just water to keep my tummy happy.  I thought I'd puke a few times but held it together. I ran what I'd describe as comfortably hard pace. I tried to go by feel and ignored my watch except when running through the crowd of walkers/slower runners from the 5k race as its too easy get caught up in other people's pace. I kept the pace pretty steady except for one long slight incline. Overall I'm happy. I'd be happy with my pace on a normal day so doing it sick made it all the sweeter!! Finished 93 out of 546.
I stood around for the age group awards, eating bits of food to help me finish out my miles for the day. Of course I was really stiff when I got going again but not too bad. I did 2 miles home as I ran extra waiting for a train to pass. I popped into the house and dropped off my medal and drank some Gatorade (since I was staying close to home). I meandered around finishing out the last two miles. A shower and protein shake and then myself and the dog went to bed for a few hours.

 Race splits 8.22 min/mile (8.21, 8.36, 8.15, 8.26, 8.46, 8.09, 8.22, 7.38 (last half a mile))