Friday, 31 October 2014

Marathon (Kiawah) Training- Week 12

The weather here in SC cannot make up its mind! Is it Fall? Summer? Who knows? After some nice temperatures last week we got 3 days of weather in the 80s even 90+ one day. Towards the end of the week it plunged back down to the 60s And today parts of South Carolina got inches of snow. I'm surprised I haven't gotten sick. 
Thats brought some interesting training aka reminders of how hard it is to run faster in the heat. Somehow, even though we've only had a week or so break, I forgot what a slog it is to run in it. Since this week is a step back week (YESSSSSSS!!!) I decided to dial back the pace for the hotter days. This was really nice because my right hip is super tight and it let me run some miles with Martina and Boomer.
By the way if you are noticing a lack of pictures on the blog lately, its because all my runs lately are after dark. I think I need to get a bit more snap happy in day to day life.

Plan Crosstrain
Actual Yoga 1 hour
 I was  a bit disappointed when my usual yoga teacher wasn't there, she'd gone to Atlanta for training, and an instructor whose teaching style I didn't particularly like was in her place. Turned out to be a good class though, preconceptions begone.

Plan 5 miles
Actual 5 miles 10.03 min/mile
Just Boomer and I today. It was warm so we took it easy. 
I had some stomach issues, but luckily we reached a bathroom at the half way mark. I broke the rules and brought Boomer into the bathroom with me. It seems to be a communal area to him at home, so when I try to leave him outside at the park he howls bloody murder. I mean bloody murder. The ranger hanging around didn't say anything, score. Lots of water later and we trotted back the way we came to get back to the car and home for the night.

Plan 6 miles
Actual 6 miles 9.40 min/mile (10.50, 10.03, 9.55, 8.48, 8.55, 9.31 min/mile)
I ran the first two miles with Martina and Boomer. They doubled back to finish out their 3 miles while I continued on. Two miles to go and I met them again. They'd finished their run and were walking back a mile to let me finish out mine. Boomer went crazy trying to catch me. He does not get the concept of not running when one of us is. The poor pup was so tired after running he fell down some steps on his walk, so a good thing I didn't bring him for the last two miles with me. Towards the end of the run I spotted a racoon sneaking around..he hightailed it when he seen me. A first sighting for this side of the river.

I tried a chocolate Vega shake, again, right after my run. I'm really starting to think its not for me, I couldn't finish it. The vanilla one, yuck is all I can say, way too sickly sweet. I did buy a test sachet of a different brand of plant based protein, I'll give that a try, and keep trying other brands. If I can't find one I can stomach I'm sad to say it might be back to the whey. I need something to top up my protein on the days I'm running.

Later we met some friends at one of our favorite bars. It has a 'yappy hour' on Tuesday nights. The result, around 50 dogs running around the back deck of the bar. We didn't bring Boomer because as a tired grumpy old man of a dog, around other dogs wanting to play, he becomes snarly. He is normally so sweet with other I don't like to put him in those situations.

I had a massive bean burger and some sweet potato fries there for dinner. My stomach has been bottomless the last few days. Afterwards, it didn't even feel like I'd ate anything. I probably could have ate 3 or 4 burgers no problem. As a result I haven't really tracked my intake at all this week. I've just ate by what I feel I need without eating too much junk.

Plan 5 miles
Actual 5 miles 10.08 min/mile 
A tired day today. I found it really hard to get out the door for this run but luckily now that Martina is training for a half, there are two of us leaving the house. My shoes were pushing on a bruised toe (no idea where it came from). As usual once I got going I felt fine. I still didn't push the pace but I didn't feel bad.
Again starving, a workshop at work resulted in an afternoon pizza!


Plan  rest
Actual rest
My right hip flexor is so tight it hurt to sit at my desk at work. I got up and moved as often as I could. I did lots of stretching and foam rolling that evening. I'm getting some really cool results in the lab. Its very satisfying especially when you come up with the ideas and design the protocol but that also means lots of desk time for analysis. I did some extra stretching before bedtime and I felt like something had released in the morning. Its still tight but so much better.
I had a lot more energy today, I actually managed to do some housework. Who knew I could still clean? Once the marathon is done, I plan on taking a break from running for a couple of weeks. During that time the house is getting a massive clean and declutter before Christmas...maybe even some fresh paint on the living room! Last year Martina and I traveled (by car) to a friends house in PA and then onto NY. It was awesome but I'm really looking forward to decorating the house, eating loads of food, and generally doing nothing while watching crappy movies this year. 

Plan 4 miles pace (9 min/mile)
Actual 4 miles (10.19, 10.32, 10.20, 9.07 min/mile)
3 miles with Martina then 1 on my own. We both had a crappy day at work and pretty much chatted for 3 miles. We both felt a bit less stressed out at the end.

Plan 13 miles
Actual 13 miles 8.56 min/mile
Only 13 miles on the cards today so I did my 12th half marathon for the year, Run like a Nut in Florence SC. Again an early start and drive. I accidently pulled a fast one out of the bag this week. Guess all my taking it easy this week helped. Can't wait to have tapered and  test myself on a full course.



  1. Nice job at the half!

    We had that nutso hot then cold weather a few weeks ago. And this week, actually too - 70s Monday, 30s yesterday. Whoa!

    I had BAD luck with Vegan. Check out Sun Warrior! I really like it! :D

    1. Yet hanks I'll give it a try. I thought vega would be nicer especially given the price tag.