Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Foodie Finds

My whey protein is finally finished. Time to look for some plant based alternatives. I'm starting (and maybe finishing) with Vega products as they offer a bit of variety. They pack in lots of protein and veggies. I got two test packages one vanilla, one chocolate and even though the vanilla one is marketed for sports recovery it doesn't seem all that different except for the portion size and the addition of a few extra amino acids. 
The chocolate one tastes really chocolately (always good in my book) but the texture isn't as smooth as I'd like. The vanilla...we'll see!
The same shopping trip I picked up chicken and cooked it for the first time in years, as Boomer was sick and needed something easy on his tummy. It was weird!!!
Then I found a gem!
 It tastes as good as if not better than Hellmanns but without the eggs. It might not be any healthier as it's still oil based but I love mayonnaise, so baby steps. Apparently this brand has become really popular but it's my first time seeing it. Love it! It went really well in my grilled zucchini and mushroom sandwich.

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