Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Marathon Training Week Four

I'm proud and ashamed in equal measures this week. Read On.
Plan Swim 45 mins
Actual A big fat nothing
6 hours driving from Virginia beach to home and then picking up the dog meant that by the time we got home I was exhausted and the gym was closed. I guess the 2 hours spent walking around outlet shops will have to count. <-----Ashamed. I did get a new dress tho :)

Plan 3 miles
Actual 3 miles 10.04 min/mile
Easing out the car stiffness

Plan 6 miles
Actual 6 miles 9.47 min/mile
A solid run I felt pretty good

Plan 3 miles
Actual 3 miles 9.59 min/mile
I really struggled on this run. My legs didn't feel bad but I just didn't feel like I could go, the energy just wasn't there. Who knew 3 miles could feel so long? I'll freely admit that I think this is down to the fact that I didn't eat all of my excercise calories yesterday. Not deliberately but regardless lesson learned.

Plan rest
Actual rest
Fun skype chat slash wine drinking session with some friends from home.

Plan 6 miles
Actual 6 miles 9.12 min/mile
A lot better than Thursday. Slowed a little towards the end but I got it done. I think I made up for my lack of cross training by helping unload and load a 10ft truck for a friend while she moved!! Our car finally bit the dust it started billowing out smoke as we moved stuff...she heard me say I wanted a new car and gave up. Garage confirmed it'd cost more to fix than the car was worth :(

Plan 13 miles
Actual 13 miles 10.15 min/mile
This was a crazy run. I was being a lazy Sunday runner and put off running until the afternoon as the humidity was way lower then (50% rather than 80+). Of course this last gasp of summer rain and thunderstorms have been awful this week so I got caught out. I got around three miles into the run before lightening started striking close by. 
I hightailed it to a nearby Publix and hid in their foyer area. I'm terrified of lightning (especially the fork variety) so I wasn't taking any chances. I froze in the AC with wet clothes for around 45 minutes while all hell broke loose outside, apparently while I was out the thunder was rattling the windows in my house. 
Eventually it passed enough that I thought I'd just call it a day and make a break for home. I decided to run back the way I came, by the riverwalk, simply because I could hide in their bathrooms if the storm got bad again. By the time I got there all the thunder had passed and it was now just a heavy rain. Rather than run home, since there was a good possibility of other storms rolling in, I sucked it up and ran my miles. It was slow going as large sections of the trail were now flooded or very muddy and the wooden boardwalk sections were very slick. In the end I ran all 13 miles, slow but steady won the day. <---- proud for sticking it out

That little speck past the rocks is a crazy kayaker going out in lightning


  1. How fun that you got in a skype date with some friends back home!

    Did you feel exhilarated running through the storm? That's how they've been making me feel!

    1. Yeah once the lightning passed I felt pretty badass for being out there :)

  2. I can't believe you were able to complete your 13 miles run, even in those crazy weather conditions. If I were to head out for a run like that and had to stop 3 miles in and wait for lightening to pass, I would probably call it a day. Good for you for pushing through!