Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Marathon Training Week 3

Marathon Training Week Three

I started this week off sore and tired.
My aim this week was to stretch more, get through my prescribed mileage and hydrate better-check, check and check.

Plan Swim 45 minutes
Actual Yoga 1 hour and 15 minutes
A wise swap I felt so much better afterwards.

Plan 3 miles easy
Actual 3 miles 10.31
Running with the pup. It was a cooler morning. I think I can say we both enjoyed this run a lot. Happy faces all around. This worked out some of the soreness left from last week

Plan 5 miles 9.45
Actual 5 miles-1 mile warm up (10.08), 9.14, 8.36, 8.11, 1 mile cool down (9.44)
I almost danced when I seen that the temperature at the start of my run was 65˚F. Dare I say it, I was even a little cold when I walked out the door.  So nice. I try to take advantage of these cooler days to push the pace a bit, as I'm worried all the gains I made in spring will disappear with this hot weather running.
I ran a slow 1 mile warm up to see how the soreness was and I felt good, so from there I decided to up the speed a notch with each mile. Nothing spectacular but it was hard work to keep upping the speed when I was becoming more tired. As I finished the fourth mile I got cut off by a train so I ran around a short block to finish out the mile without stopping. After that I had to just wait around ten minutes for the train to pass. Nothing I could do...I had to get home and I was short on time so I couldn't walk, I was very cool by the time it passed and I plodded my way home.
Evening-Strength training routine, stretching and foam rolling

Plan 3 miles 9.45
Actual 3 miles 9.26
Still feeling good. I knocked out another 3 miles :)

Plan Rest
Actual A day off work and a six hour drive to Virginia Beach. We dropped the baby (aka Boomer the dog) at doggie daycare at 8.30am, to be picked up by our friends and his lady friend (another Cocker Spaniel) that evening. He was going on a romanic break with his lady for the weekend, PG-13 romantic!
Since the AC cuts out after about an hour on our car (sometimes kicking back in after a while but mostly not) and the cruise control doesn't work we hired a car for such a long trip. I'm in love, I seriously have to get a new car at some stage..such a different drive!!
We left home around 10am and stopped off in Fayetteville in NC for lunch. I really liked this town and good thing too since I'll be there next March for the Mike to Mike Half Marathon.

Another hours driving and we stopped briefly at a set of outlet shops that we spotted along the way. I was doing all the driving since it cost an extra $16 a day to name Martina as a driver. I was struggling at this point but eventually the tiredness wore off. We ended up arriving at the KOA at around 8pm. We were staying in a cabin there, so we literally dumped everything in the cabin and headed out for dinner and a beer at a bar right outside the KOA entrance, so nice not having to put up a tent in semi-darkness.

Plan 2 miles Race Pace
Expo Shopping 
Actual 2 miles 9.37, 8.35
We spent a few giddy hours at the race expo (10% off my shoes) and wool shopping (<----giddy for Martina, not so much for me). We walked around Virginia Beach a bit and had some drinks, I was the DD so it was strictly water for me (with a taste of Martina's flight of beers).

King Neptune
 I got to see some of the setup for the next day. We went back to camp and I changed before going back to the downtown area. I went to the boardwalk along the beach for my run and dodged lots of people. I wanted to get rid of some of the stiffness after the car ride so I took the first mile slow. The second mile I wanted to get my legs turning over, so tomorrow wouldn't feel hard.
 I finished up and we went to dinner at a Italian restaurant (Big Italy) with 16,000 people in town for the races, all wanting pasta, it was a long wait but the food was delicious.

Plan Rock n' Roll Virginia Beach 9.30-9.45
Actual 13.1  at 9.31 min/mile
I loved this race I'll do a separate post for this tomorrow because I know my race reviews are always super long. For now, I mostly stuck to my pace goals and really felt good throughout the race. This is the first race that I've run as part of marathon training and I managed to curb my competitive urges and just have loads of fun.

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