Friday, 26 September 2014

Marathon (Kiawah)-Training Week 7

This week I hit 40 miles....I peaked at this stage the last time I trained for a marathon and now I'm doing it 11 weeks out. What a difference a good running base makes. Although I'm not sure I can train for another marathon after this one and keep upping my game!!

Plan 45 min swim
Actual Open water swim 0.5 mile, Lawn Mowing
I can't quite believe it but I did an open water swim. My first one in years. I was hanging out with some friends at Lake Murray and they mentioned they wanted to swim out to a small island so I went along. I don't think I would have done it alone. I felt fine even tho I was in at least 10ft of water the whole time, no panicking or cramping. The only thing I forgot about was what a pain in the ass waves are. On the way back I put my head down and powered my way back. Either I don't swim very straight or the waves were pushing me but I had to do course correction every few minutes.
Later that evening I spent around 2 hours cutting grass again. Roll on October when the grass should slow down!!
Boomer guiding me back to shore 

Plan 4 miles 9.30-9.45
Actual 4 miles 9.19
Dentist appointment in the morning so I ran that night, after a thai takeout dinner. Probably not the wisest choice but I was well fuelled for the run. Dinner threatened to come up a few times but I'm determined not to miss any runs this week unless I get injured. Less sore than usual on a Monday run, I guess the cold lake water eased any long run soreness.
Practically winter wear for a few days

Another crown started, luckily I didn't put this off much longer or I would have needed a root canal. Kind of screwed in the eating department as one of my last fillings is still very pressure sensitive (on the left) and I now have a temporary crown on the right. Some very careful eating is going on.

Plan 8 miles 9.30-9.45
Actual 8 miles 9.13
Another evening run. I tend to do all evenings, once I've done one, to allow time to recover between runs. This was one of those magical runs when everything feels good, no music needed. We've been getting a dip in temperatures for the last two days so it was nice and cool. I've even worn a sweater this week, madness!! 
I left the house around 6.45pm and ran 3 miles to a park. Then 5 miles in the park. I didn't push it at all on the way there because I was running lots of hills but once I got to the park the pace felt really good. When I feel like this I tend to think its too good to be true, so I played it safe wanting to finish the 8 miles feeling strong and ready for another run tomorrow. However when I got to 6 miles I knew I wasn't going to have any problems and picked the pace up for the last two, rounding off an 8 mile run with an 8 minute mile. Boomer and Martina met me for a cool down walk before I went home and had a protein shake and bath.
I can't wait for the weather to be this cool everyday. After training at slightly faster paces all winter, running that little bit faster, although harder feels more natural and smooth (if that makes any sense). Excited for fall to really kick in.

Plan 4 miles progression
Actual 4 miles 8.59 (9.31, 9.13, 8.50, 8.20)
This didn't feel as nice as yesterday but it was still cool so dropping the pace a bit didn't seem too hard. I hooked my Garmin FR220 up to my new phone so its a lot easier to see my stats for each run. Whats interesting is when I look at my cadence its about right at slower paces (180 spm) but as I pick up the pace it slowly increases. I don't think thats a bad thing but it might be a sign that my stride length is a bit short for faster paces?

Plan Rest
Actual Rest + Stretching
Game of Thrones watching with some friends...we will get them hooked before the new season. 

Plan 8 miles race pace 9 min/mile
Actual 8 miles 8.50 Min/mile
A bit cooler than usual so I really wanted to nail this run. A step back week last week seems to be paying off, as I stuck to race pace or faster and felt strong.
No real signs of fall yet!!

Plan 16 miles 9.30-10-30 min/mile
Actual 16 miles 10.08 min/mile
A very early start at 4am. 3 slow miles and then the darlington half marathon. Absolutely exhausted but very happy to finish my longest run in more than a year. Ended up between Friday and today running 24 miles in around 12 hours.

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