Friday, 19 September 2014

Marathon (Kiawah) Training Week 6

Week 6 where have you come from. Maybe its running more consistently throughout the year, so training seems normal, but marathon training is flying by....12 weeks left.

Plan Cross-training -45 min swimming
Actual 45 mins swimming, lawn mowing
I finally made it to the pool. I did a lot of swimming with just my arms to give my legs a break. I threw in a few sprints every now and then to keep my heart rate up but mostly I focused on fixing my swimming form. I rewarded myself with 10 minutes in the jacuzzi which was really hot after the pool but so nice on achy muscles.
I drove home and then went straight out to battle with the grass, about 45 minutes later I had to call it quits. I got 3/4 of the back garden mowed but I contaminated the air filter with oil when turning the mower on its side to get rid of the clogged up grass from the blades. I was very proud of myself for figuring that out when it wouldn't restart. Off to Lowes to get a new air filter and then my battle with the grass will finally be done.

Plan 3 miles recovery
Actual 3 miles
An evening run with Boomer. We went 3 miles at the park without any problems. Today was a good running day for Boomer. He wanted to run 6 minute miles with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth. I feel like bringing him running is not for me or him anymore, we are doing the running community a service if the number of and intensity of smiles he gets is anything to go by!!
Later some friends came round to have a couple of drinks to ease the Ph.D 'growing pains' they are suffering through right now. So much angst but they'll get there.

Plan 7 miles 9.30-9.45 min/mile
Actual 7 miles 9.44 min/mile
I'm all over the place this week...a lunchtime run. Once again I slept in. I was getting a massage at 5.30 that evening so I didn't want to a) spoil a good massage by running right away or  b) run in the dark, so I ran at lunchtime.
Hot, hot, hot is the only way to describe it. I took Boomer out for 3.5 miles but I think it was too much in the heat. I had planned on bringing him for 3 miles with a stop for water and a swim but I took a new route that was unexpectedly long. I know its bad when he wants to stop for a break in the shade. Don't worry he got lots to drink and breaks whenever he wanted. This first part of the run took forever as a result but its worth it to keep my little man happy.
The second part was a further 3.5 miles, I looped around the house again and again and again (anyone dizzy yet). It was boring but the upside is it let me pop in every few laps and grab some cold water. A cold shower and about an hour in my freezing lab and I finally got back to a normal temperature. A little sunburn showed up later...must remember sunscreen.
That evening I got my massage. It didn't hurt this time and I definitely feel looser afterwards. A lot of work on my hips again. At one point the masseuse was working on my hip flexors and asked me "does that not hurt?". My flexors aren't causing any hassle yet (cross all your fingers and toes) but I'll pay more attention to stretching to help. Maybe thats just normal for me, who knows.

Plan 3 miles Hardish pace (8.45-9 min/mile)
Actual 3 miles 8.33 min/miles
I'm so bored of all my usual running spots that I opted to run .6 mile loops around my house again. What is wrong with me? Any part of the city that I feel safe running in (within a decent distance) I've probably already run a million times.
I seriously need to do some investigating into some trails nearby but not in the city. At least when the long runs get really long I'll have races to occupy me for part of the run.

Plan Rest
Actual Rest
Did absolutely nothing. It was lovely.

Plan 7 miles race pace (9 min/mile)
Actual Run 1 3.3 miles (somewhere around 9 min/mile) Run 2...
Stopping my run really pissed me off. Its the first time I've had to do it and I'm mad about it.
Why? I had a bunch of stuff going on so even tho I really didn't want to I was up and outside running while it was still pitch black, what a waste. I'm also annoyed at myself because I didn't check the weather before heading out but I didn't since I'm so used to thunderstorms in the evening not morning.
Run 1
I was barely a half a mile into the run when it started to rain gently, no big deal. Crossing the river at mile 2 it started to pelt down and flashes of lightning were rapidly followed by booms of thunder. A frickin thunderstorm was right over me. Once I finished crossing the river I hid under the bridge for a while, like a little troll, to see if it'd roll over but the thunder and lightning just wouldn't stop and didn't look like it was going to any time soon.
I decided then and there, that given my limited time to get the run done before work, that I didn't have time to wait it out and I wasn't going to get the run finished. I needed to make it to the parking lot to get Martina to pick me up. I was averaging 7.30 pace for at least a half a mile while rivers of water flowed off me and I splashed through ankle deep floods. Hows that for speed work!!! Fear will work wonders. By the time I got there my shoes were full of water and the rest of me would have made a good mop. I hid in the bathrooms while waiting as the breeze outside was making me really cold. Eventually the all around greatest person in the world came to pick me up with towels galore. Thats the first time since last March I've actually felt chilled to the bone while in SC...I was very glad of a hot shower and coffee when I got back. Oh and my iPhone, that I've hung onto for the last four years also decided on this run that the cracked screen was finally a critical issue. Part of the screen doesn't work...the part including the call button and my text messages also come without spaces now. New screen or new phone???
Run 2
Did not happen, unfortunately. I spent 3 hours after work sitting with a friend at an emergency vet as her dog had an adverse interaction between two medications he was on. He is ok now but it wasn't looking good and she needed someone there. He didn't get to go home that night but once we got the news that he'd be ok we went and ate, there was no running after that. Worrying is exhausting I went to bed as soon as I got home.

Plan 10 miles easy 9.30-10.30 min/mile
Actual 10 miles 9.59 min/mile

To alleviate boredom I found part of the Palmetto Trail around 45 minutes from my house. I think the trail is meant to run from the mountains to the sea but only sections are finished. On this section old railroad lines were turned into trails featuring some pretty awesome bridges. There were no really hilly parts but the trail was rough as there was still lots of big gravel left from its railroad days. One or two parts had wood chips which were fantastic to run on, I wish they'd done that the whole way. 

I didnt run the whole 11 mile section as Martina and Boomer came with me...I doubled back every half a mile or so to check in. Boomer ran parts with me and since there was no one on the trail we got to practice some off leash training. I gave him an A+ since he ran right beside me and if he got ahead a word was enough to pull him back!! Except when I let him run ahead
It's amazing to see all the work we put into his puppy training paying us back now that he is starting to calm down a bit.

I ran late in the evening so it was cooler and even cooler since we were far enough from Columbia to leave the 'sweat bowl' we live in. Besides the nice view the evening weather brought out some deer, I saw a lovely fawn that ran off when I got too close. It was dark by the time I finished and I was pretty sore by the time I was done. BUT I ran on a trail and didn't fall!! Didn't even twist an ankle. I don't think I'd run this trail again, too much large gravel, but I might head back up with a decent camera to grab some nice shots.
BTW I did have more pictures but of course they were on my phone...will do better next week 😀

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