Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Lots of spending: happy and sad all at once

I gave in and ordered a new phone, an iphone 5c, waited all day yesterday for it to be delivered. I must have refreshed the UPS tracker one million times but they deferred delivery until today. I bought a SIM free phone (aka mucho dollars) so I wouldn't be tied to a contract and I can take it home and use it if I move back to Europe. I thought about buying an android as they are cheaper and I do like them, but Apple they suck you in. 
I won't deny the fact that I'm a huge Apple fan. My last laptop ran for 8 years and is still functional (just no battery and a bit slow for work) despite numerous drops and bangs. I don't know too many people that hold onto PC laptops for that long, certainly not ones they use every day, all day. My last iphone has lasted for 4 years and even then a new screen would probably fix it. 
So that extra money you fork out does get you quality. I feel like I get my money's worth because I don't feel the need to upgrade every time a new product comes out. But what really gets me is the connectivity between all my devices. Even though I use dropbox, box and numerous other cloud type storage services nothing is as seamless as the apple connectivity. Oh you took a picture on your its on your laptop, ipad easy, just don't take any naked selfies! Damn you apple I love and hate you all at once. Now where is my new phone!!

I came home from work to a package yesterday thinking it was the phone and got really disappointed when I realised it was car seat covers I'd ordered from Groupon. Even more disappointing, they didn't fit great. They don't cover the entire back of the (front) seats . The main material is faux leather but the material that covers the back is light so I was worried about tearing it. It would have made more sense to have the back made of an elasticated material to stretch to suit different car seats. I suppose they are better than nothing, I had Groupon bucks and got them really cheap. At least they are going on under towel(ish) covers for my sweaty self on the front seats and a waterproof doggie cover on the back.

I would whole heartedly recommend the doggie cover, it looks nice and feels like good quality construction and material. The toweled front covers are good as something absorbant (on top but waterproof on the back). They are washable and easy to take off BUT I'm not sure if they are worth the price I paid, we'll see as time goes on. I might have overkilled it on the seat covers, just a little. I'm hoping thats the last money I have to spend on a car, other than gas and oil changes, for a while.

So I guess the message is be careful when buying online. I always battle with myself on how much to spend but sometimes cheaper ends up being more expensive in the long run either that or you have to make do with something that is just not 100% right. 

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