Sunday, 3 August 2014

Weekly roundup-lost sunglasses and other adventures

I've felt good this week. No aches and for the most part, I've felt strong while running. My funk is completely gone now, I didn't realize it until now but for whatever reason I was in one for a couple of weeks and I feel so much better. Even work is going better, at least the week hasn't felt like it was 10 days long and my motivation was high. I don't deal very well with stress and I've made a conscious effort to not let myself pass the point of 'normal' stress in the last few years but I guess everyone dips into lows every now and then. 

I've had some fun with DIY. Three trips to Lowes and a borrowed drill and I have a medal rack in my room (an early birthday pressie). Now to fill it up. The hanging hardware I used said it can hold 200lbs, maybe I'll have to change it out eventually.
Monday rest day

Tuesday Fun running with Boomer. 4 easy miles. It was really cool with low humidity for once. I guess dodging thunderstorms has some advantages. Lots of debris on the trail from storms earlier that day.
Muddy puppy. A dip in the river soon cooled both of us and cleaned him off.

Wednesday A great 4 mile tempo run. I managed to string together two sub eight miles. Shocking!!

Thursday Three unremarkable miles, I just cruised and listened to some music.

Friday The hardest yoga class I've done in years. It was a hot yoga class focusing on hips. We had to hold a bunch of the postures, I was ready to fall asleep on my mat by the end. I'd definetely recommend yoga on a Friday evening, it's such a nice way to start the weekend.

Saturday it rained heavily all day...doesn't really work great with glasses, so I didn't get out until late. Meanwhile, I spent an hour trampolining at a center set up with a room covered in trampolines and foam pits. This made me realize how unflexible I am compared to when I did martial arts. Too stiff and old :) I tried to do some flips and ended up with a very sore neck for my efforts. What a great and fun workout. I was super sweaty by the end. I'll definitely go back but be a bit less ambitious with my gymnastics.

That evening I switched a race pace run to an easy four miles...trampolining KILLS the legs. Ran slowly with a work buddy who is coming back from a bad case of Achilles tendonitis. Lots of chat about future races as we are running together at Disney...slowly!

Sunday I spent most of the day wishing I had a neck brace and popping Advil :) I eventually went out for a run and just said I'd see what I could do. It actually felt fine to run and I ran feeling great for the first five miles (average pace around 9.45, right where I wanted it). Then I bumped into another work buddy, ran a slow mile with her and her giant puppy.
I ran right under the train
Then I just felt like crap for the last 3-4 miles. Really nauseous...very sure I'd throw up. I didn't thank goodness. I think I must have needed some salt. It was very humid and I was soaked in sweat but it wasn't going anywhere, so of course I just kept sweating. It's hard to drink Gatorade when your stomach already feels like s&$t. Boomer and Martina met me for the last half mile and ran with me.....bless them. Ten miles done, hoorah.

 I got in the river to cool off and dropped my expensive prescription sunglasses. The water was cloudy (high at the moment) so I shuffled about trying to find them with no luck. I'll head back tomorrow in the hopes that they caught on twigs etc. and I'll find them when the water is clearer. If not, I've had them for three years now and I would have had to replace the lenses soon anyhow and they were the most expensive part (Zeiss lenses), I've got my money's worth. Maybe it's the nudge I need to put some money aside to get a checkup and try out contacts at last because I'll never survive here without a good pair of sunglasses, at least for driving.

Overall a fun week. Just one more week on my scrabbled together training plan and then marathon training begins, dun dun dun.

Anyone wear contacts, do you like/recommend them?


  1. I love your medal rack! Is that from Allied Medal Displays?

    Trampolining (not a word?) sounds so fun! I am sorry it made you so sore though!

    Hope you find your glasses!

    1. Yes its from allied medal displays...its massive and it comes with extra prongs(?) so it'll hold a load of medals.
      Don't know if its a word...but it was fun worth the pain :)