Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Marathon Training Week Numero Uno

This is a bit late, sorry, but better late than never.

Monday 45 minutes Swimming outside and strength training routine. Who knew leg lifts could burn!

Tuesday 3 miles with Boomer. Slow but it's worth it to have such a happy puppy.

Wednesday 5 miles slowly increasing the pace until I did the fastest mile at the end.

Just to prove I was up before the sun..barely.

Thursday track with a buddy. The US Marines had taken over the USC track. As inspiring as they may be it was a bit too intimidating to just walk onto the track, so with a quick change of plans we hopped in my car and headed to another track, near a small airport. It was interesting with a rusted old hanger and small planes taking off nearby. The track was perfectly maintained...only unlocked restrooms could have made it any more perfect. I've gotten used to the Gamecock Garnet (well close enough..both red) of the USC track and I almost expected the black track to feel different.
It was a beautiful morning, cool with low humidity. I covered 3 miles, which included 4x 400 m intervals, the fastest at 7.10 min/mile and the slowest at 7.30 min/mile. I know I should be doing longer, maybe slower repeats but I was feeling it. Even the recovery laps were faster than my normal  running pace lately. Sometimes it feels really good to run fast. 
Friday normally yoga day but we were traveling to Huntington Beach State Park. This park is so popular it's booked out a year in advance but thanks to a cancellation we headed off with the pup and our tent.

Saturday After a sweaty night in the tent I gave myself some time to hydrate before running. We got delicious bagels in The Bagel Cafe in Litchfield for breakfast (no not the prison, but it made me think of Orange is the New Black tho). We walked on the beach and along boardwalks across the marshlands. We even met this guy.

 Around 11am I headed out to run.
Plan 5 miles race pace 9 min/mile
Actual 5 miles: 8.43, 8.31, 8.24, 8.58, 8.09. Probably a bit too fast. I struggled to get going but once I got my legs turning over and got warmed up it wasn't bad at all. It was great to run around the park. So nice to get to run somewhere new and pretty. I was welcomed back to the campground and my last half a mile with a sunny but heavy shower of rain, glorious! It was really humid and hot so I was delighted to get this workout done and on pace.  My reward------->
Some of the views along the way!
Graham crackers and coffee ended up being my pre-run breakfast. I loaded my run belt with Gatorade and water as again it was super humid and hot. 
Plan 11 miles 9.30-9.45 min/mile
Actual 11 miles 9.38/mile. Instead of running around the park again, I left the park and went to The Waccamaw Neck Bikeway. This is a bike trail joining Huntington Beach State Park and Muriells Inlet SC. The first mile and a half out of the park was a nice wooded trail and then the bike trail became hard shoulder of the US 17. I was a bit disappointed because I thought it would be all trail but it was a quiet road. 
I did 5.5 miles out and ran out of water. I was on the look out for a store or gas station where I could buy some water the whole time. Eventually on the way back I tried a outdoor water sports store. They had water but a $10 minimum on cards :( I looked truly pathetic, soaked in sweat so they were super nice and gave me the bottle and told me to come back later, probably not expecting me to, but I did. Little things like this remind you that there are still good people.
I had a secret weapon on this run TJs organic lollipops....those kept me going. I had Gatorade but tried not to drink too much since sometimes it can sit wrong with me and I didn't know when I'd reach a bathroom. Of course I fell on the trail and scraped my knee and hands like a five year old! It's all cool, no one saw. Lots of water and lollipops did the trick and I finished my run strong. 

Week 1 of marathon training complete. I have to say having a big goal to work for has really helped me focus this week especially when having to work extra hard to stay on pace in the heat and humidity. The pacing has been hard but do-able. We left the beach early to get home, unpack and wash clothes, as well as repack sports gear for tomorrow's swim session :) 

 What have y'all been up to?

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