Sunday, 10 August 2014

Marathon training: Round 2

Another week over. An easy week. Marathon training begins next week, ahhhhh!

The last three weeks have been; easy (16 miles), normal (27 miles) and easy (20 miles). After an upswing in training prior to this, I decided to give myself somewhat of a break to make sure that I don't burn out mentally or physically. 

Now I'm now heading into a 16 week training program in preparation for The Kiawah Island Marathon. The first 3 weeks hover around 26 miles per week and then gradually increase, peaking at three 50 mile weeks (spread out). 

Besides much higher mileage what's going to be different with my marathon training this time?

1.) I'm actually going to do my cross training this time. I was a bit too sporadic last time. Swimming on Monday mornings, every Monday...smack me if I don't. For now the outdoor pool is open from 6-8am so it'll be an early start. I'm going to do a minimum of 45 minutes but aim for an hour and try push a bit harder. I'm hoping that cross training will help even out any muscle imbalances I have.

2.) Dedicate time to strength training. Inside and outside the gym, 2-3 times a week. Again injury prevention.

3.) Sleep more. Last time I burnt the candle at both ends trying to train in the evenings and still feel like I had a life, even if that was just watching netflix on the couch. Lack of sleep is not so good for recovery, so a few early nights are on the way, you can call me grandma.

4.) Keep trying for a cleaner diet. By that I mean eat less sugar, alcohol and processed food. Marathon training will give me a lot more calories to juggle but I want it to be quality calories designed to make me stronger. I'll never be perfect in this regard but 80% of the time would make me happy.

5.) Work more on race nutrition. I'm not sure I practiced that enough the last time and nausea during the race meant I didn't eat enough. I definetely want to take in more calories while racing. I can race a half on a little Gatorade but that won't be enough for a full marathon.

I have a good solid base, now is the time to ramp it up and work HARD. In a sick sort of way I'm really excited. 
My main aim for this race is to finish feeling strong, I don't want to feel like a walking corpse afterwards. I'm sure I'll walk I do in most races, it gives me a break and keeps me running for longer but my last full marathon I walked 80% of the last six miles. Even if it's hard I'd rather the 80% be running this time. I think if I can continue to feel relatively strong until the end a good PR should naturally follow.

In other news..

1 dental crown down. It was almost as bad as I was expecting. I have a tiny mouth (the dentists words) and like my Mom, anesthetics don't work great on me. It was a long session but that's by far the worst one done. The old filling was so big there was a pin in there (to hold the filling) that had to be taken out. Next time I'm going to ask for a extra big dose of novocane. I go back in a few weeks to get the permenant porcelain crown seated and three small fillings. 

I got my eyes checked, yes my prescription changed, so it's good I did. I now have 30 day contacts, my first ever pair. I'm learning to take them in and out, as the optometrist recommended I take them out at night. It's slow going, it takes me many tries but it'll be worth it. I've already bought a couple of cheap everyday sunglasses but I'd love some recommendations for good running sunglasses?

Lastly on the battery of health stuff I just need to psyche myself up for an annual exam. I'd already planned it as I'd posted before. The need for this was driven home a couple of days ago as a good friend was diagnosed with cervical cancer at 25 years old. My heart is broken for her. It's very early and should be easy to treat but only for screening it probably wouldn't have been caught at all. This has strengthened my medical phobias seem ridiculous compared to the year or two of procedures and checks she'll have to go through. I'm not going to post about this again because it's way more info than I want on the internet but I'm saying this for myself as well as anyone can happen to you even if you think it won't, no matter your age....go get checked out.

In totally trival news, I've brought my weight back down 3 pounds...back into my healthly BMI range, yay. I'd like to lose another 3 just for a bit of cushion but I'm not going to restrict calories while increasing mileage but if I try to eat well it'll happen regardless. Tonight I'm going to record my weight and measurements to see how they change in the next four months.

Wish me luck!

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  1. It sounds like you have really re-evaluated your training plan this go around and are making positive changes that will only benefit you during your marathon training. I can't wait to hear about all of your progress and goals. I am sorry about the dental crown. I have been there a couple times and it is always one of those days/weeks that I dread. Glad you made it through in one piece.