Tuesday, 12 August 2014

I think I need to work on my  freestyle swimming technique a lot. I ALWAYS breath when pulling my right arm out of the water. This has become a bad habit to the point where I've forgotten how to do it on the other side.
This doesn't bother me normally but I haven't swum in a while, so I'm not swimming fit, and the extra load on my left arm showed. Once that shoulder started to get tired, I tried to switch my breathing between both arms but every time, with my left, I sunk into the water a little too much. I bet I looked special.

Other little things could use work since my current freestyle is a mish mash of how I learned in lessons and then re-teaching myself. I learned to swim in a large lake and for some reason we were taught to swim with our head out of the water looking forwards...maybe for sighting and wave avoidance...who knows but I ended up a few years ago having to reteach myself how to swim with my head underwater. Lets not even get started on the other strokes. Despite taking lessons every summer for years, even learning to be a lifeguard, I seem to forgotten every other stroke i.e. I can do them but I don't move very far.

 I've got 16 weeks to work on my form. The local masters club has some lessons, I could always jump in after the initial this is how you float/breath underwater stuff and get a refresher on the different strokes, I just don't want to be the only adult with a bunch of 5 year olds lol.

However, I do love swimming outdoors and my swim yesterday was in a recently renovated outdoor pool. It was so nice to look up and get a glimpse of blue skies or just watching my shadow crashing through the reflections on the pool floor.  Overall a good 45 minutes swim yesterday at lunchtime. I was bored after 5 minutes but I stuck with it and after a while I got in the zone. Just keep swimming.....

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