Friday, 22 August 2014

First day of classes

Holy Students Batman....yesterday was the first day of classes. All week traffic etc had been building up and students moving in mean't that my precious coffee shop had opened back up (now relegated to emergency coffees to save money). By the way students when you leave campus everything closes, leaving us losers who are here year round with no coffee..grumpy face!
Thursday was something else. I went to park at 8.45 and the garage was practically full, the traffic around the university was nuts and the sidewalks were packed.

This provokes a love/hate relationship for me. I love the energy the students bring to the city and campus. I remember starting back to university or even high school every September and the excitement it brought. New book smell anyone?
I can't wait until I can finally get back to doing some teaching. Yes it can be frustrating at times but there is something about the enthusiasm for learning that undergrads bring that is infectious and reminds us why we stay lonnnnnng after we should have left school.

However, freshman for the love of all things--that involve me not shouting at you-- please don't stand in doorways, hallways or block crossings and sidewalks in large groups and finally pretty pretty please learn to drive and don't knock me down with your car.
To returning students, I know you know the score, welcome back.
Please I'm too young to die

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