Monday, 25 August 2014

Don't smack me

I didn't swim today. Before you start pulling your hand back to give me a good ol' slap I deliberately didn't go swimming. For two reasons: 1. I had another dental appointment at lunch time so it didn't suit but mostly 2. I'm sore and tired. Instead of wearing myself out more I swapped out swimming for a good yoga session as my cross-training.

Instead of my usual Friday class I went to a basic yoga class. This was awesome. Since the class is designed for beginners you get to hold the poses for a lot longer, which equals a really good stretch. Even better, like my first ever yoga instructor, the instructor went around and helped adjust people into the correct position if they were off. These little tweaks really helped, sometimes only words are not enough.

At the beginning the instructor asked if anyone had any requests. Normally I find that this can often be a rhetorical question. Not so today, I requested hips and boy did I get hip openers. It was the best class I've been to in a long while. I could tell straight away as a lot of the soreness I'd been feeling disappeared after the class.

I've been training almost non-stop for 9 months and now I'm ramping it up for a marathon. I guess my whole point is with this type of distance training you have to listen to your body. Normally I wouldn't consider yoga cross-training but it is. I sweated and trembled with the effort of the poses at the time. SO it might be enjoyable but it certainly isn't a cop out.

Most of all its what my body needed the most today.

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