Monday, 25 August 2014

Don't smack me

I didn't swim today. Before you start pulling your hand back to give me a good ol' slap I deliberately didn't go swimming. For two reasons: 1. I had another dental appointment at lunch time so it didn't suit but mostly 2. I'm sore and tired. Instead of wearing myself out more I swapped out swimming for a good yoga session as my cross-training.

Instead of my usual Friday class I went to a basic yoga class. This was awesome. Since the class is designed for beginners you get to hold the poses for a lot longer, which equals a really good stretch. Even better, like my first ever yoga instructor, the instructor went around and helped adjust people into the correct position if they were off. These little tweaks really helped, sometimes only words are not enough.

At the beginning the instructor asked if anyone had any requests. Normally I find that this can often be a rhetorical question. Not so today, I requested hips and boy did I get hip openers. It was the best class I've been to in a long while. I could tell straight away as a lot of the soreness I'd been feeling disappeared after the class.

I've been training almost non-stop for 9 months and now I'm ramping it up for a marathon. I guess my whole point is with this type of distance training you have to listen to your body. Normally I wouldn't consider yoga cross-training but it is. I sweated and trembled with the effort of the poses at the time. SO it might be enjoyable but it certainly isn't a cop out.

Most of all its what my body needed the most today.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Marathon Training Week Two

My birthday week, older, lighter and healthier than I've ever been and hopefully wiser too. This next year or two of my life is sure to bring some interesting changes and I can't wait.

Week Two of Marathon Training

Monday- 45 minutes swimming--lunchtime
I've been wearing my contacts while swimming. Does anyone else do this or am I crazy? To protect my eyes I jammed my googles on so tight that I bruised my nose a little. How silly!! In good news my swim hat (which no one seems to wear here) keeps 95% of my hair dry, so no need to wash it if I swim at lunch time. I may look out of place but it saves time. I found myself looking at underwater music players this week, DCRainmakers reviews specifically. I cannot buy anymore gadgets...I don't need it and can't afford it...suck it up and just swim Kathy!! Even swimming outdoors for two weeks has added impressively to the collection of tan lines on my back. If I ever need to wear a proper dress I'll need a very delicate paint job of some sort to even things out he, he. I think my breathing technique is improving I'm not choking and spluttering everytime I breathe on the left.

Evening---Strength training routine...focusing on hip mobility and strength.

Plan 3 easy miles
Actual 3 miles at  10.23 min/mile.This is turning into my weekly running date with Boomer.
After falling, running lots last weekend and yes I'll admit it, slacking on my stretching my hips were tight. I was worried about my IT band flaring up so I switched back to my PureConnects (which gave me an icky blister, so I had been giving them a break for a while) and took the little man in my life out for a run.
We took it easy and did an out and back from home. Since 3 miles is about as far as I'll take Boomer until it cools down a lot more, Tuesdays are our day. Its nice leaving him tired out in the morning knowing he'll happily snore away until we come back to him at lunch time. Lots of stretching afterwards and some foam rolling that night.

Plan 5 miles 9.45 min/mile
Actual 5 miles at 9.25 min/mile. I got some birthday miles in before work. The easy run followed by stretching on Tuesday seemed to work really well and everything felt looser. It didn't seem so hard to hold pace.
For the rest of the day I ate all of the food. A mimosa at lunch, at my favourite restaurant, as well as cake. Headaches and tummy aches followed but it was totally worth it. 

That evening right after work I had my favourite NY style pizza at Nikki's Pizza here in Columbia, along with $5 pitchers of beer. Our DD then took us to a local brewery (River Rat) where I got a flight of their beers.

I was a bit disappointed. The brewery itself was great, it had a nice set up and even an outdoor area that we would be allowed to take the dog. I was really excited ...having visions of walking there from my house with Boomer and having a mid-walk beer....maybe every day ;) but then the beer wasn't to my taste. I could drink most of them but I don't think I found one that I'd like on a regular basis, I'm not saying they were awful beers I'm just a Corona girl and haven't graduated to grown up non-lager type beers, like IPAs or stouts. I actually ended up drinking very little (the pitchers were shared) but after stuffing myself with food I was super sleepy and since it was a school night everyone was heading home pretty early. I went home and got straight into bed by about living it up!!
Plan 3 miles---survive
Actual 3 miles 9.39 min/mile
So after being out the evening before I was tired...even with being in bed by 9pm, but before I even went to bed I'd decided not to run on Thursday morning, so I didn't totally flake out on the morning run. One thing I didn't take into account was the fact that it was 100+ degrees outside with high humidity, there was actually a heat alert out. Keeping this in mind I waited until after dark to run. I came up to the university and ran a double loop of 1.5 miles long. What I didn't know is that there have been a few armed assaults/muggings around there lately at night. I think it was early enough that it was ok but I don't think I'll be running after dark around there again. I was slower than the speed work I probably would have done if I'd gotten up early (my training plan doesn't actually involve any speed work but I throw it in anyhow) but I got the miles done and survived.
Got my haircut and went a bit wild and asked my fab hairdresser to shave out a portion of my hair over my can kind of see it in the first picture. A bit more boyish styling today to show it off! I might be a bit braver next time and get more of it shaved.

Plan Rest
Actual Kind off. I did no running but lost out on a bit of sleep. We got free tickets to a play called The Black Man Complex, basically it was about a mans journey to find his identity as a gay black man. It was definitely thought provoking.
 It was very interesting from a foreigners perspective. As conservative as Ireland is, homosexually is a not an issue for most people, of my generation or younger, especially in cities, and the very intense black-white race issues don't really exist because there isn't a large black population in Ireland and most are recent immigrants. A lot of the racism is against immigrants in general rather than any one race......hypocritical to the extreme considering the number of Irish immigrants welcomed elsewhere in the last few hundred years, but there is no reasoning with some people. Neither situations are perfect by any means but not often openly hostile. Don't quote me on any of this as it's just my experience growing up in Ireland it may be very different from someone else's perspective. I guess a lot of the points raised by the play I just won't fully get ever since I didn't grow up here nor am I black.

I stayed around for the discussion after and ended up getting home after 12am.

Final follow up on my eyes, got my pupil dilated so I had freaky eyes for hours after.
Plan 5 miles 9.45
Actual 5 miles around 9.12 min/mile
Given that my appointment was in the morning and I couldn't open my eyes outdoors without flinching for most of the day I went to the gym. I hate treadmill running but luckily my gym has a short indoor track. How short you ask, 1/7th of a mile. Around 38 laps later (I ran a few extra to be sure) I was glad to be finished. It was weird to run on carpet with AC. It was still pretty humid but not a patch on the super heat outside today. 
It was a good opportunity to test my watch(Garmin 220) indoors though. It clocked each lap at around a 1/10th of a mile, so it was a little off but it was still nice to have some idea of my pace as I ran. Who knows maybe the watch was right depending on how I ran the track!!
Post run snack...addicted to these yogurts....

Plan 10 miles 9.45 min/mile
Actual 10 miles 10.15 min/mile
I ended up running late in the evening as I caught up on some sleep this morning...and the temperatures between morning and evening didn't look too different. I started out feeling pretty rotten, my legs were feeling like lead. I stuck to the riverfront this evening as there was another alert about an armed man hanging around USC last night. No idea why the city is so crazy right now!
 I did an out and back of the full trail which got me to 7 miles. I took a short break and refilled my water bottles at the car before heading back to finish up. I went  with what felt like an easy pace. I felt tired and things hurt as the run progressed but this was the usual you're nearing the end of your long run tired. All in all, besides that I actually felt better as the run progressed and ran slow but definite negative splits. Maybe the cooling temperature made it easier as it was fully dark by the time I was finished. I did the last mile on the sidewalk of a nearby road as it was better lit and safer.

I don't know what was up with me today, maybe adding in the extra day of training for a second week (the cross training) has left me a bit pooped, who knows. I'm on the couch now, not long out of the shower, and somehow I don't think it'll be too long until I'm asleep but nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing I finished out week two and completed all the training despite lots of life distractions this week.

I hope you've all had a great weekend!
River at night

First day of classes

Holy Students Batman....yesterday was the first day of classes. All week traffic etc had been building up and students moving in mean't that my precious coffee shop had opened back up (now relegated to emergency coffees to save money). By the way students when you leave campus everything closes, leaving us losers who are here year round with no coffee..grumpy face!
Thursday was something else. I went to park at 8.45 and the garage was practically full, the traffic around the university was nuts and the sidewalks were packed.

This provokes a love/hate relationship for me. I love the energy the students bring to the city and campus. I remember starting back to university or even high school every September and the excitement it brought. New book smell anyone?
I can't wait until I can finally get back to doing some teaching. Yes it can be frustrating at times but there is something about the enthusiasm for learning that undergrads bring that is infectious and reminds us why we stay lonnnnnng after we should have left school.

However, freshman for the love of all things--that involve me not shouting at you-- please don't stand in doorways, hallways or block crossings and sidewalks in large groups and finally pretty pretty please learn to drive and don't knock me down with your car.
To returning students, I know you know the score, welcome back.
Please I'm too young to die

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Woah Birthday time again

31 today.....where has this year gone. I can't fool myself any longer I'm no longer barely in my thirties my foot is firmly in that age bracket. So far today I've had some super rich and chocolately birthday cake and even a sneaky mimosa at lunch.

Later on I'm heading out for pizza and beer. Needless to day my healthy eating is out the door for today but I did run some fun birthday miles this morning. I've been slacking and reading through Martina's blog archive this afternoon, because she is so much better at writing about day to day life, well that and she gets the blog posts up faster than I do lol, and we've gotten up to a lot of stuff in the last year or two.

I've been exceedingly lucky and had a happy life so far but these last few years have been the best. I'm more comfortable in my own skin and I'm now living somewhere new thats opening my eyes up to the fun of traveling to new places and exploring as well as running (again) and I get to share all this with my best friend and our adorable little dog. I might miss my family and friends back home but they are still there for me whenever I need them. I've also mentioned I get lonely at times, especially since I don't know many people here (especially my own age), but the few friends that I've made have been great, always there to listen to my chatter and to help out when they can and generally be good friends.
 I couldn't ask for anything more right now. I'm feel so thankful for my life...especially with how crazy the world is becoming. I wish I could share it with all those less fortunate. I'll try to pay it forward whenever I can.

For now...thanks for reading my silly little blog and lets hope I'll be around to blog about my 32nd!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Weekend Scenes-Huntington Beach State Park

I love the texture of this tall grass
Sea Oats

Watch Out

Millions of tiny crabs.

Waiting out a Storm at the Crows Nest

Wildlife Everywhere

Sandy Nose

What a beautiful weekend

Marathon Training Week Numero Uno

This is a bit late, sorry, but better late than never.

Monday 45 minutes Swimming outside and strength training routine. Who knew leg lifts could burn!

Tuesday 3 miles with Boomer. Slow but it's worth it to have such a happy puppy.

Wednesday 5 miles slowly increasing the pace until I did the fastest mile at the end.

Just to prove I was up before the sun..barely.

Thursday track with a buddy. The US Marines had taken over the USC track. As inspiring as they may be it was a bit too intimidating to just walk onto the track, so with a quick change of plans we hopped in my car and headed to another track, near a small airport. It was interesting with a rusted old hanger and small planes taking off nearby. The track was perfectly maintained...only unlocked restrooms could have made it any more perfect. I've gotten used to the Gamecock Garnet (well close enough..both red) of the USC track and I almost expected the black track to feel different.
It was a beautiful morning, cool with low humidity. I covered 3 miles, which included 4x 400 m intervals, the fastest at 7.10 min/mile and the slowest at 7.30 min/mile. I know I should be doing longer, maybe slower repeats but I was feeling it. Even the recovery laps were faster than my normal  running pace lately. Sometimes it feels really good to run fast. 
Friday normally yoga day but we were traveling to Huntington Beach State Park. This park is so popular it's booked out a year in advance but thanks to a cancellation we headed off with the pup and our tent.

Saturday After a sweaty night in the tent I gave myself some time to hydrate before running. We got delicious bagels in The Bagel Cafe in Litchfield for breakfast (no not the prison, but it made me think of Orange is the New Black tho). We walked on the beach and along boardwalks across the marshlands. We even met this guy.

 Around 11am I headed out to run.
Plan 5 miles race pace 9 min/mile
Actual 5 miles: 8.43, 8.31, 8.24, 8.58, 8.09. Probably a bit too fast. I struggled to get going but once I got my legs turning over and got warmed up it wasn't bad at all. It was great to run around the park. So nice to get to run somewhere new and pretty. I was welcomed back to the campground and my last half a mile with a sunny but heavy shower of rain, glorious! It was really humid and hot so I was delighted to get this workout done and on pace.  My reward------->
Some of the views along the way!
Graham crackers and coffee ended up being my pre-run breakfast. I loaded my run belt with Gatorade and water as again it was super humid and hot. 
Plan 11 miles 9.30-9.45 min/mile
Actual 11 miles 9.38/mile. Instead of running around the park again, I left the park and went to The Waccamaw Neck Bikeway. This is a bike trail joining Huntington Beach State Park and Muriells Inlet SC. The first mile and a half out of the park was a nice wooded trail and then the bike trail became hard shoulder of the US 17. I was a bit disappointed because I thought it would be all trail but it was a quiet road. 
I did 5.5 miles out and ran out of water. I was on the look out for a store or gas station where I could buy some water the whole time. Eventually on the way back I tried a outdoor water sports store. They had water but a $10 minimum on cards :( I looked truly pathetic, soaked in sweat so they were super nice and gave me the bottle and told me to come back later, probably not expecting me to, but I did. Little things like this remind you that there are still good people.
I had a secret weapon on this run TJs organic lollipops....those kept me going. I had Gatorade but tried not to drink too much since sometimes it can sit wrong with me and I didn't know when I'd reach a bathroom. Of course I fell on the trail and scraped my knee and hands like a five year old! It's all cool, no one saw. Lots of water and lollipops did the trick and I finished my run strong. 

Week 1 of marathon training complete. I have to say having a big goal to work for has really helped me focus this week especially when having to work extra hard to stay on pace in the heat and humidity. The pacing has been hard but do-able. We left the beach early to get home, unpack and wash clothes, as well as repack sports gear for tomorrow's swim session :) 

 What have y'all been up to?

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

I think I need to work on my  freestyle swimming technique a lot. I ALWAYS breath when pulling my right arm out of the water. This has become a bad habit to the point where I've forgotten how to do it on the other side.
This doesn't bother me normally but I haven't swum in a while, so I'm not swimming fit, and the extra load on my left arm showed. Once that shoulder started to get tired, I tried to switch my breathing between both arms but every time, with my left, I sunk into the water a little too much. I bet I looked special.

Other little things could use work since my current freestyle is a mish mash of how I learned in lessons and then re-teaching myself. I learned to swim in a large lake and for some reason we were taught to swim with our head out of the water looking forwards...maybe for sighting and wave avoidance...who knows but I ended up a few years ago having to reteach myself how to swim with my head underwater. Lets not even get started on the other strokes. Despite taking lessons every summer for years, even learning to be a lifeguard, I seem to forgotten every other stroke i.e. I can do them but I don't move very far.

 I've got 16 weeks to work on my form. The local masters club has some lessons, I could always jump in after the initial this is how you float/breath underwater stuff and get a refresher on the different strokes, I just don't want to be the only adult with a bunch of 5 year olds lol.

However, I do love swimming outdoors and my swim yesterday was in a recently renovated outdoor pool. It was so nice to look up and get a glimpse of blue skies or just watching my shadow crashing through the reflections on the pool floor.  Overall a good 45 minutes swim yesterday at lunchtime. I was bored after 5 minutes but I stuck with it and after a while I got in the zone. Just keep swimming.....

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Marathon training: Round 2

Another week over. An easy week. Marathon training begins next week, ahhhhh!

The last three weeks have been; easy (16 miles), normal (27 miles) and easy (20 miles). After an upswing in training prior to this, I decided to give myself somewhat of a break to make sure that I don't burn out mentally or physically. 

Now I'm now heading into a 16 week training program in preparation for The Kiawah Island Marathon. The first 3 weeks hover around 26 miles per week and then gradually increase, peaking at three 50 mile weeks (spread out). 

Besides much higher mileage what's going to be different with my marathon training this time?

1.) I'm actually going to do my cross training this time. I was a bit too sporadic last time. Swimming on Monday mornings, every Monday...smack me if I don't. For now the outdoor pool is open from 6-8am so it'll be an early start. I'm going to do a minimum of 45 minutes but aim for an hour and try push a bit harder. I'm hoping that cross training will help even out any muscle imbalances I have.

2.) Dedicate time to strength training. Inside and outside the gym, 2-3 times a week. Again injury prevention.

3.) Sleep more. Last time I burnt the candle at both ends trying to train in the evenings and still feel like I had a life, even if that was just watching netflix on the couch. Lack of sleep is not so good for recovery, so a few early nights are on the way, you can call me grandma.

4.) Keep trying for a cleaner diet. By that I mean eat less sugar, alcohol and processed food. Marathon training will give me a lot more calories to juggle but I want it to be quality calories designed to make me stronger. I'll never be perfect in this regard but 80% of the time would make me happy.

5.) Work more on race nutrition. I'm not sure I practiced that enough the last time and nausea during the race meant I didn't eat enough. I definetely want to take in more calories while racing. I can race a half on a little Gatorade but that won't be enough for a full marathon.

I have a good solid base, now is the time to ramp it up and work HARD. In a sick sort of way I'm really excited. 
My main aim for this race is to finish feeling strong, I don't want to feel like a walking corpse afterwards. I'm sure I'll walk I do in most races, it gives me a break and keeps me running for longer but my last full marathon I walked 80% of the last six miles. Even if it's hard I'd rather the 80% be running this time. I think if I can continue to feel relatively strong until the end a good PR should naturally follow.

In other news..

1 dental crown down. It was almost as bad as I was expecting. I have a tiny mouth (the dentists words) and like my Mom, anesthetics don't work great on me. It was a long session but that's by far the worst one done. The old filling was so big there was a pin in there (to hold the filling) that had to be taken out. Next time I'm going to ask for a extra big dose of novocane. I go back in a few weeks to get the permenant porcelain crown seated and three small fillings. 

I got my eyes checked, yes my prescription changed, so it's good I did. I now have 30 day contacts, my first ever pair. I'm learning to take them in and out, as the optometrist recommended I take them out at night. It's slow going, it takes me many tries but it'll be worth it. I've already bought a couple of cheap everyday sunglasses but I'd love some recommendations for good running sunglasses?

Lastly on the battery of health stuff I just need to psyche myself up for an annual exam. I'd already planned it as I'd posted before. The need for this was driven home a couple of days ago as a good friend was diagnosed with cervical cancer at 25 years old. My heart is broken for her. It's very early and should be easy to treat but only for screening it probably wouldn't have been caught at all. This has strengthened my medical phobias seem ridiculous compared to the year or two of procedures and checks she'll have to go through. I'm not going to post about this again because it's way more info than I want on the internet but I'm saying this for myself as well as anyone can happen to you even if you think it won't, no matter your age....go get checked out.

In totally trival news, I've brought my weight back down 3 pounds...back into my healthly BMI range, yay. I'd like to lose another 3 just for a bit of cushion but I'm not going to restrict calories while increasing mileage but if I try to eat well it'll happen regardless. Tonight I'm going to record my weight and measurements to see how they change in the next four months.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Being a responsible grown up ain't cheap

I've been ignoring some health related stuff (just check ups, nothing serious) for some time...especially with moving to and getting settled in a new country. I find medical stuff intimidating despite my research being somewhat medical. I pretty much have a strong phobia of needles and dentists in general, so a trip to the doctors or dentist is an ordeal. Even booking an appointment is hard.

I think the US and Ireland have a different approach to medicine. Some things here are standard practice during annual exams that wouldn't be even be considered until a patient had symptoms suggesting a problem. For example a gyn type visit at home usually only consists of a Pap smear, no pelvic exam. However, I like the more proactive approach to healthcare here. So this week I sucked it up went balls to the wall and booked a dental and eye exam with others to follow. 

I know how important preventative healthcare is so I have no excuse ---my name is Kathy and it's been 4 years since I've seen a dentist. No my teeth are not falling out! I went to the dentist this afternoon. I was pretty much having heart palpitations and hot flushes waiting to go in but about 10 minutes into my appointment I started to calm down. I think the giant TV helped, something familiar in an alien environment.

My teeth are now shiny and clean but to pay for my neglect I was presented with a "treatment plan". One that amounts to around $5000 out of pocket. I've discovered that a) my dental coverage is shit and b) Irish dentists like to place very large fillings when they should really use a crown. Most of my bill comes down to three crowns to replace large, damaged fillings as well as a bunch of very small fillings and other miscellaneous stuff. Some things I'm opting out an extraction of my wisdom tooth, as it doesn't bother me or get infected so it's staying and others I'm gonna put off for 4-6 months so I can get the most urgent and expensive things out of the way. All of that brings the bill down to around $3500 for now. My savings are going to take a major hit.....pass me a strong drink please. The eye exam is not stressful but again overdue. 

I'm not writing this post to complain, yes I'm disappointed I'll lose money from my bank account but this is an investment in my future health. I haven't dared to add up how much I've spent on running this year but I'm sure it wouldn't be significantly lower than the dentists bill when you add up shoes, massages, race entries, clothing, gadgets..the list goes on. The difference is I happily spend this money and also write it off as an investment in my current and future health. Just because you don't enjoy something doesn't mean it isn't worth it. Out of sight, out of mind doesn't always work out! So let's just say I'll be better in future about taking care of my health, at the end of the day it's my responsibility.

Anything you've been putting off? 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Worn out shoes

I came across this video that I thought was great and wanted to share. It's a guide for how to tell if your running shoes are worn out. The podiatrist in the video suggests that there is no standard mileage for changing out shoes, it depends on the runner and the shoe. I couldn't agree more. I'm gonna perform these tests on all my trainers tonight!!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Weekly roundup-lost sunglasses and other adventures

I've felt good this week. No aches and for the most part, I've felt strong while running. My funk is completely gone now, I didn't realize it until now but for whatever reason I was in one for a couple of weeks and I feel so much better. Even work is going better, at least the week hasn't felt like it was 10 days long and my motivation was high. I don't deal very well with stress and I've made a conscious effort to not let myself pass the point of 'normal' stress in the last few years but I guess everyone dips into lows every now and then. 

I've had some fun with DIY. Three trips to Lowes and a borrowed drill and I have a medal rack in my room (an early birthday pressie). Now to fill it up. The hanging hardware I used said it can hold 200lbs, maybe I'll have to change it out eventually.
Monday rest day

Tuesday Fun running with Boomer. 4 easy miles. It was really cool with low humidity for once. I guess dodging thunderstorms has some advantages. Lots of debris on the trail from storms earlier that day.
Muddy puppy. A dip in the river soon cooled both of us and cleaned him off.

Wednesday A great 4 mile tempo run. I managed to string together two sub eight miles. Shocking!!

Thursday Three unremarkable miles, I just cruised and listened to some music.

Friday The hardest yoga class I've done in years. It was a hot yoga class focusing on hips. We had to hold a bunch of the postures, I was ready to fall asleep on my mat by the end. I'd definetely recommend yoga on a Friday evening, it's such a nice way to start the weekend.

Saturday it rained heavily all day...doesn't really work great with glasses, so I didn't get out until late. Meanwhile, I spent an hour trampolining at a center set up with a room covered in trampolines and foam pits. This made me realize how unflexible I am compared to when I did martial arts. Too stiff and old :) I tried to do some flips and ended up with a very sore neck for my efforts. What a great and fun workout. I was super sweaty by the end. I'll definitely go back but be a bit less ambitious with my gymnastics.

That evening I switched a race pace run to an easy four miles...trampolining KILLS the legs. Ran slowly with a work buddy who is coming back from a bad case of Achilles tendonitis. Lots of chat about future races as we are running together at Disney...slowly!

Sunday I spent most of the day wishing I had a neck brace and popping Advil :) I eventually went out for a run and just said I'd see what I could do. It actually felt fine to run and I ran feeling great for the first five miles (average pace around 9.45, right where I wanted it). Then I bumped into another work buddy, ran a slow mile with her and her giant puppy.
I ran right under the train
Then I just felt like crap for the last 3-4 miles. Really nauseous...very sure I'd throw up. I didn't thank goodness. I think I must have needed some salt. It was very humid and I was soaked in sweat but it wasn't going anywhere, so of course I just kept sweating. It's hard to drink Gatorade when your stomach already feels like s&$t. Boomer and Martina met me for the last half mile and ran with me.....bless them. Ten miles done, hoorah.

 I got in the river to cool off and dropped my expensive prescription sunglasses. The water was cloudy (high at the moment) so I shuffled about trying to find them with no luck. I'll head back tomorrow in the hopes that they caught on twigs etc. and I'll find them when the water is clearer. If not, I've had them for three years now and I would have had to replace the lenses soon anyhow and they were the most expensive part (Zeiss lenses), I've got my money's worth. Maybe it's the nudge I need to put some money aside to get a checkup and try out contacts at last because I'll never survive here without a good pair of sunglasses, at least for driving.

Overall a fun week. Just one more week on my scrabbled together training plan and then marathon training begins, dun dun dun.

Anyone wear contacts, do you like/recommend them?