Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Taking it Easy

So I've had at least a month and a half of really solid training, nothing hurts and I've increased my weekly mileage to a respectable level again. That must mean it is time for another race!! This weekend I'm heading to North Carolina for The Scream Half Marathon. Why is it called the Scream you ask? Just look at the elevation profile, my quads will be screaming.
Its a point to point course starting and ending in the middle of nowhere, so no spectators! I honestly have no idea how I'll feel running almost constantly downhill as I have no experience of it. I'm sure those little blips of uphills will be killer after running down for so long. I'm determined to go and have fun and appreciate the fact that I'm not running upwards for once....there maybe some Phoebe (from Friends) style running going on!

1 comment:

  1. On paper, I would LOVE to do a downhill half marathon, but I'm sure my quads would "scream" otherwise halfway in.