Saturday, 26 July 2014

One long week

This week has crawled by in work and running. It's been a hard recovery from The Scream Half Marathon. I've approached it a little differently though. 
I started the week feeling like I'd been beaten up and worried about carrying injuries from the race. Normally I'd just take most of the week off after a race to recover but with marathon training lurking I wanted to keep my mileage at a respectable level and try for a more active recovery.

Sunday..normal long run day, was the day after the race and then Monday was a rest day. I dropped the mileage a bit more than I'd planned, by three miles over the week so far, but the runs were all completed. I didn't do any real speed work but as the week has gone on and soreness has receded I've been able to run closer to my normal pace and throw in a couple of bursts of speed to test my legs. After four days I finally felt like I could foam roll without crying and that has helped a lot. 

Right now I'm at around an 7 out of 10 on the ok scale. I still have slightly heavy legs, no IT band or hip pain/ tightness and a little worried about some pain in the arch of my left foot. I'll continue stretching a lot, rolling and hoping that if I don't push too hard my legs will come back to life and my foot will heal.

I'm a bit disappointed that my week hasn't been a better one running wise. For a race that I didn't really push myself for I thought I'd recover better. I think I've run solid times (for me) this year and racing has been great to make me run consistently, giving me a great marathon base. It's just a bit hard to see the improvement right now. Unless I'm feeling super duper awesome, any halfs I have left to run this year are training runs/sight seeing adventures, as marathon training starts in two weeks.

Part of me feels it was a mistake to have signed up for a marathon (technically two but I'm not counting Disney), because I love the half distance so much and maybe I should just concentrate on that. Besides Disney I've decided on no marathons next year and much less halfs. I've picked a few in the Spring, because they are races I really want to do but I've left the entire summer open to work more on speed and strength and one in fall...which I might set as my A race for the year.
 I think this is the stage, when planning for the next couple of years of running, that I try figure out if I really want to do the 'nose to the grindstone' kind of work I'm going to need to do to get much faster and if I'm constantly getting little niggly injuries will my body be able? Or do I want to run lots of races be happy with my times as they are and be accused of running junk miles.

 I didn't mean to ramble but I'm feeling pretty fed up right now, I love to run but sometimes I think about it way too much for someone who is nowhere in the league of actual competitors. Like the type A I am, I'd love to be as good as I possibly can but I know from reading some very inspiring bloggers that it takes a serious commitment and very long training hours.

I wonder when the effort put forth stops resulting in equal returns in improvement and if I'm there?

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