Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Normal Service is Resumed

I've finally shook off my running funk. Last time I posted (Saturday) I really just wasn't happy with all things running. I took Sunday off, yes that did involve skipping an 8 mile run, oops.
It was what I needed though. I went out for a 5 mile run this morning. It was cooler (70F) than it has been in a while and it felt great. I still have one or two spots that could use work with the foam roller but the wooden legs are gone and my foot didn't hurt at all (in fact I forgot all about it). Who could be peed off with a cute stretching buddy anyhow.
I guess sometimes I just need to let things go a little and if I need an extra day off to rest or just clear my head then so be it. Sorry for being a negative Nancy!!


  1. Yay for leaving the funk! :)

  2. I've experienced those types of funks too. Sometimes our mind and body just needs a little break and time to recharge. It sounds like the day off helped and the cooler temperature made for a pleasant run.