Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My First Vegan Dining Experience

Today I had my first vegan dining experience. A bunch of us went to lunch to the Good Life Cafe, here in Columbia SC. It was strange to say the least to be able to choose anything from the menu after 18 years of vegetarianism.
The cafe is way fancier than I was expecting of any restaurant with the word cafe in its name. It had a pretty varied menu with vegan alternatives subbed in for common ingredients e.g. cashew mayonnaise versus regular egg based mayonnaise. It made reading the menu a bit of an experience but I'm sure the more often I go the easier it'll be! One thing I liked was there was no tofu, seitan etc in sight, they are great and I like them, but its not the only thing vegetarians or vegans eat and I think this menu breaks that misconception.
I had a portabello steak with hummus, which was basically a cooked portabello stacked with hummus. Pretty small for a lunch if that was all you got, but most dishes came with two giant sides. I got fresh fruit and a kale salad.

Everything was delicious so it's definitely worth trying new places!!!


  1. Yay for trying a vegan place! I love it when I go somewhere and can choose off the ENTIRE menu (rarely happens). Funny you say that about tofu and seitan. They do seem to be quite ubiquitous in the vegan diet, but I always laugh when people think vegans/vegetarians want to eat a mushroom sandwich!

    1. I guess I kinda lived up to that stereotype then even if it wasn't in a sandwich lol!!