Wednesday, 9 July 2014

He is lucky he is so cute!!

This little man is terrified of fireworks, so terrified that he won't go out for his normal before bed pee! This has been going on since 4th of July.

The reason he is lucky is because for the last few nights he has woken me up at 3am because for some reason its ok to go out then. Last night was one night of broken sleep (I lost around 3 hours because I couldn't get back to sleep) too many and I broke my running before work streak. Now I have to run tonight and there are thunderstorms forecast grrrr.

Lets hope this calms down soon but given that there are fireworks shows at most baseball games at the weekend for the next month or so it's not looking likely.
Most of the time he is a happy chap and very brave but drive past a truck or set of fireworks and he turns into a panicy/barky monster. Most things I can put up with but lack of sleep is not something I can deal Boomer you are lucky you are cute!!!!

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  1. Aww, he is so darn cute... but man! That is not a fun time to get up! I hope he's better soon! I keep saying I am ready for snow so that people will quit being so loud outside.