Sunday, 29 June 2014

Weekly Roundup

Hey all! 
It's been a long week but we made it through it. I've finally got back into a groove with running. 
Something has healed or loosened up and I've had minimal problems with my IT band. As a result I've been able to increase my mileage for the last two weeks. I've also made it out of bed every morning to run so that's helped, miracles do happen.

It's still horrendously hot here and I'm sure I'll be saying that for the next few months but I made it into the water this week, more on that later. 
Today I tried an out and back on my new trail. I ran the shortest route through the new park because I wasn't sure how far it would be to link up with another path. 4.5 out, far enough to make it to a restroom and top up my water bottles. Even the shortest route added 3 miles until I linked up with another 4 mile pathway. That's 7 solid miles and I could add more. I felt like I was in a running advertisement, running through a Forest alone, it was nice.

Thank goodness I didn't see any of these
I'm not sure what I'd do other than totally freak out if I got a snake bite.

I had to run on a roadway for around a mile and a half but it was really quiet as it led to the park and a boat landing. Thankfully it was shaded most of the way.

I was loosing lots of water so I tried to drink as much as I could.

By the time I was done I was soaked through with sweat, yuck. A nice steady 9 miles at a 10 min mile pace.

Tuesday       5 miles
Wednesday  4 miles
Thursday      3 miles
Saturday       5 miles
Sunday          9 miles

26 miles total

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