Sunday, 15 June 2014

Weekly Roundup

Lots of hot weather this week. It was just over 80F when I went for a run at 10am this morning.

How I'm coping with the heat:
Run in the morning
Carrying electrolite drinks again and pre chilling drinks before running
Building water stops into the run
Accepting that really hot runs will also be slow
If I'm over heating using water stops to completely soak my shirt with water
Run in shady areas

This has left me very limited on some days especially if I don't get out for a run super early, for example I've been three times to the same stretch of riverwalk this weekend. 
Twice to run and once for a 'rhythm on the river' free weekly concert.
It was fun tho we had a little picnic on the grass and it was nice to spend some time outside enjoying the weather instead of cursing it.

This evening was a slightly different experience I got to go see a piano concert and listen to some beautiful classical music.

I've done pretty good with running this week. I've ran my planned 22 miles without any pain. I missed one morning and paid for it by having to move my rest day. Other than that I've run consistently and managed an ok 7 miles for my long run today.  Time to inch the miles up a tiny bit more next week.

Mon 3 miles, Tues 4 miles (5x400m intervals at 5k pace), Wed fail, Thurs 3 miles, Sat 5 miles, Sun 7 miles.

Any other tips for dealing with running in the sun? I'm gonna need them it's forecast to be into the high nineties 4 days this week!!

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