Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sunday running

In an otherwise pedestrian/cyclist unfriendly city one thing I love about Columbia is the Three Rivers Greenway system. Columbia is split from West Columbia and Cayce by a river. The different cities are cooperating to build trails along both sides of the river. This is amazing for running as they are about as safe as it gets in a city. All the trails are paved and lit. On the Columbia side there are two separate trails. One I don't like (it's a bit creepy) and the other that's around 3 miles long, I've put more miles on than I care to count.
On the other side there is one long trail around 4 miles long that is a bit more hilly but really nice and shaded. Sometimes I'll run out and backs on one or run from one trail to the other. This network is expanding and I'm really excited especially with marathon training looming. There is talk of the two trails on my side of the river being linked but it doesn't look like that'll happen any time soon. 

Today I ran my long slow run of eight miles. I ran two miles from my house to the other side of the river, four miles on the trails and two miles home. Again the temps were close to 80 and humidity was in the 80s also. Taking it easy (8 miles in an hour and fifteen) it was more enjoyable today.
Naturally my running involves a lot of bridges. In Columbia dodging trains is another good passtime on the way home I barely made it across the track before a train came along, thank goodness, sometimes you can get stuck for 20 minutes.
I got home and ate and since I was going to have to wash my clothes anyhow Boomer got a little haircut.
I found a new expansion of the river trails so we took Boomer out to show off his new haircut.

This could give me a continuous 6-7 miles of running even without an out and back. So we set off to explore and ended up out walking for an hour and a half. The trail was very woodsy and pretty. There is still a bit of construction ongoing in the area and I'll need to run on a dirt road for a mile to link up with the older one but there are sidewalks planned. As long as I go during daylight hours and I bring my phone I shouldn't get into any trouble.

We were all over heating a bit too much and it was three pm without any lunch so we got a treat, so naughty! A lemon filled doughnut and frozen lemonade!

Now for a slightly more healthy dinner. Happy Sunday!

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