Sunday, 1 June 2014

Parents and some traveling

So my parents left today. They were here for the last 9 days. It's been so nice spending time with them after just over a year of not seeing my mother and almost 2 in my dad's case. I've slowly been getting more and more home sick so this is exactly what I needed.
I've managed to get a bit of running done while they've been here, yay, without feeling like I've compromised on spending all the time I can with them!
One of my first runs this week was a 4 miler on Monday. My parents came and walked Boomer while I ran the length of the park. Of course Boomer instantly fell in love with my Dad. By the time I met back up with them they were pretty much dying from the heat. This is from two people who do physical work/walk a lot regularly! That kinda made me feel a) sorry for them but b) not so bad about my diminishing pace recently.
So maybe it's not ALL down to my drop in mileage, for the last while, but more to do with the heat. I haven't swallowed the bullet and changed over to morning running but this might just be the week I have human should sweat this much! I also need to start carrying some Ultima Replenisher again, as I need electrolytes but wanna save the carbs in Gatorade for races or longer training runs, luckily I have lots left from last year.

Wednesday-Friday, as a belated Christmas gift to my parents..and me...I got us a cabin near Franklin in NC. This is a little further South on the Blue Ridge Mountains than I've gone to before. It was different, not as super mountainous as I expected, but really pretty! We spent some time hitting up the trails to see a bunch of waterfalls. 
By far my favorite was Secret Falls. The trail was a little overgrown and buggy but it was worth the hike. A spectacular waterfall with a nice pool at the base. I abandoned my shoes for a little dip and wished I'd brought my bathing suit. Since we were the only people there we hung out for a while watching the butterfly's and as a result I got Boomer to actually swim for the first time #proudmoma.

We drove under this, Bridal Veil Falls.

Leaving, of course my parents forced money on me. I'm very proud of the fact that I paid most of my own way through my undergrad and all of my own through my Ph.D, leaving my education without any debt, but my parents are sneaky. Birthdays and Christmas are usually an excuse to slip me some cash and now it seems so are visits. I feel bad because by giving me that money they pretty much paid for everything on the trip and MORE. Whatever makes them happy though, there was no refusing it, I tried. As a result I've caught back up with where my megre savings should be and had enough left over to replace my sports bra (on which some clasps had come off) and buy an extra pair of shoes. For the bra I went with the only sports bra brand I will probably ever buy, as it is the only one that provides the levels of support I like, Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra. For the shoes, I stuck with Brooks and also a 4mm heel to toe drop, but this time I decided to opt for the pure connect 3s. This means for once I'll have two pairs of shoes on the go and I'm hoping that switching between a truly neutral shoe (connects) and and slightly less neutral one (cadences) will not let my stride become too set in its ways! 
Thanks Mom and Dad!
 I managed to hold my tears in until I'd driven away from the airport after dropping them off.  It was really hard to say goodbye to them again, even though we talk all the time. But they'll be back next year or I'll suck it up and make the trip home.

Monday   4 miles
Friday      5 miles
Saturday  3 miles
Sunday    7 miles
Not a crazy amount of miles but its a start!!!

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