Wednesday, 4 June 2014

New shoes again

Brooks PureConnect. These babies arrived in a super speedy time. I took them out for their first run immediately. 
They felt good but surprisingly different. The arch support is much higher than on the PureCadence shoes I've been running in and I think that is producing a different ride. They also feel more cushioned but that could be just the newness. Either way I'm happy I especially love the color....yes I'm that shallow!

My new sports bra also arrived but I made a stupid mistake when ordering it. I ordered based on European sizes and therefore ended up with a bra a cup size smaller than I usually buy. All was not lost after much struggle I got into it. I think a couple of weeks wear to stretch it out and it'll be fine. I always feel like my boobs are up under my chin with new sports bras anyhow but I guess that's better than the alternative, right?

Both new items performed nicely on a 30 minute tempo run. My first bit of speed work in a couple of months, oh the shame. Running is going well even if I feel like a baby whale. Ok, I know I only need to lose around 4 pounds, but I hate when you can see a difference wearing clothes because somehow those couple of pounds always pile onto the most awkward places :( Well I'll keep trying, consistency with running will eventually peel them off, if only I could snap out of this sugar loving phase I'm going through! 
One day I will post a picture of a lovely toned tummy :)

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