Thursday, 12 June 2014

Morning Workouts: Partially succeeding

Morning workout 2 done at a very soggy track!

Tuesday I dragged my ass out of bed for 3 miles with the pup. Yesterday was a total fail as I didn't get out of bed and then there were thunderstorms the whole of that evening.

Seeing as this seems to be a weather trend for this week, I knew I had to get up this morning.
I headed to the track for a 1 mile warm up, 5x400m intervals, 1 mile cool down. Totalling 4 miles. All my 400m intervals were under 7 min/mile pace which is pretty fast for me so it seems morning temperatures are working in my favor.

My reward, yummy.

My left knee is a bit tender after a little intense massage, on Tuesday, as are my hips :( Even though its not being bothering me apparently my left hip flexor is still super tight...stretching ahoy!!

My Friday rest day is now gone, due to not running yesterday. This week I'm gonna aim for 22 miles. Another 3 tomorrow, 5 Saturday and 7 Sunday. I haven't done anything over a 20 mile week in a month so now that my knee has calmed down I'm going to slowly ramp the mileage back up and see how it deals with it.

I've been starting to plan for marathon training. I haven't registered yet but I want to run the Kiawah Island Marathon in December. I'd have to start a training program in late August. Ive been eyeing up Hal Hidgons Intermediate 2 program. It looks pretty intense with 3 x 20 milers before the race and during those weeks the mileage racks up to 50 miles ekk.
 I'm hoping that coming from a good year of running, at a half marathon level, it won't be any harder than when I did the beginners program last year. I like the idea of the three 20 milers, I didn't feel like one run that distance really prepared me enough to run a full 26.2 last time around. It'll give my body longer to adapt physiologically to those distances as it spread out over 5 weeks with a further 2 weeks of taper before the race.
Anyone else completed this training program, if so how did you find it?

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