Saturday, 21 June 2014

Humidity you win!

I have been very diligent this week, running every morning so far. Given that it's the weekend I was a little later out the door this morning at 9am.

It was quite a funny experience because the roads were practically empty but once I turned into the parking lot at the park, BAM, it was busy! I guess I'm not the only one getting their early morning sweat on.

I had five miles on my agenda for today and I did it. Normally I might moan and groan a bit but at the end of the day five miles really isn't far when uninjured. I decided to come to the Columbia side of the river for a change, thinking that the lack of shade wouldn't matter at this time of the morning, boy was I wrong. It was a balmy 79 degrees when I began to run. I could handle it except the humidity was 80%. 
I always forget to factor in humidity when it's this hot. Don't follow my bad example because it makes running ten times harder. 
I took a restroom break at the halfway point and took in as much water as I thought I could handle. For the last few miles myself and two other runners leap frogged each other to the finish as we took 30 sec breaks in shaded spots. They looked like they were dying; at one point one guy stopped and leaned against a pole with his forehead. I'd like to think I looked better but honestly I probably looked about the same :)
However, on a positive note it was a beautiful morning and I felt like I was running in South America or somewhere tropical. Heat, humidity and wildlife everywhere I looked. I would have joined the turtles in the river except I put Boomer in for a swim yesterday evening and the water was warm...I want a freezing mountain stream, please. Now I have a really strong urge to head to Lake Murray for a swim since it should be cooler.

I'm sure all you super runners have heard of the Daniels method. A coworker showed me his book. You calculate a vdot number based on a recent race time and it tells you your training paces and predicted race times. It seems to think I could break four hours for the marathon, I'm not so sure but based on that it said my race pace should be 9 min miles. I decided to go ahead and do that this problem, ha ha 30 sec per mile slower...damn you heat and humidity! Can't wait for fall training. I might start sitting in front of the AC like Boomer.

At least I burned of my chocolate/popcorn extravaganza from last night. We watched two movies, both of which I'd previously read the books. Vampire Academy, yes I do read teenagers books, and The Book Thief. Vampire Academy went the route of Twilight and made such a cringe worthy movie I could hardly watch it, and I didn't find the books half bad! The Book Theif was awesome I'd highly recommend it but have the tissues ready.
All watched on our giant projector, totally worth giving up an entire wall!

Breakfast is over and it's 12pm and I feel like my day is only starting...but I'm sure plenty of people are still in bed. 
Maybe a swim is on the cards!! Hope you are having a great weekend so far!

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